Weekend Music: I’m Your Man

Perhaps I should adopt this one as my theme song. 😉

Not much to announce aside from the normal weekend things. #WeekendCoffeeShare at Part Time Monster and #SundayBlogShare on Twitter are about all I have going this weekend.

The last few weeks have been absolutely frantic, and I am in Blogging A to Z mode now, so not much social medial mayhem from me for the next couple of weeks. #AmWriting.

The Feminist Friday discussion should be well under way at Things Matter by now, and I will check in there after work today as usual.

Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Music: I’m Your Man

  1. You can never be wrong with Leonard Cohen! And since my parents got their new cat (adopted from the same shelter as my little Kenzi) I always think of him when I see you post a Leonard Cohen song, since he was named Leo for both Cohen and Da Vinci! Have a good weekend!


    • Thanks! Not for everyone, that is for sure! And it is a big bunch of work, but I enjoy it. It’s one of the highlights of my blogging year.


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