Wordless Wednesday: Chainsaw Sculpture

Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Chainsaw Sculpture

    • Thanks! I am not happy with that shot. Just because of the position of the buildings and such, it is hard to catch that sculpture in good light. Can’t tell you how many photos of it I have deleted in the last year (It is right on the walk I do to check the business mailbox, so I walk by it at least two days a week).

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      • I was too distracted by the sculpture to notice the buildings! But I know what you mean about trying to get just the right shot – I have a similar issue with the Angel of the North here in the UK. The best place to capture its elegance is the motorway, but I’d rather not cause a pile up!


    • Thanks! Much world domination happening right now, just so you know. One day, we’re all going to get together and pick a thing. Then send it viral. On purpose. Seriously. Will take a while, but I think it’s happening.

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        • Ha ha. Follow Monday Blogs and Sunday Blog Share and WeekendCoffeeShare and WordlessPhotos, too. (that last one is a leak of a project that I have not breathed a word about to anyone about, but there is a Twitter account associated with it and it will go live eventually. It is sleeping at the moment).

          Not sure what good it will do you. Still figuring out Twubs myself. Not really sure why I am following other peoples’ twubs, because no one is interacting there, and just following doesn’t give you any info that you can’t see for free.


          • oh, i find interacting on the busier hashtags easier from twubs somehow. I don’t know but when I look for for e.g. Sunday Blog share on twitter per internet then it does not show me everything? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve created a tab in my Tweet Deck app for 1000Speak that is pretty well covered. (i hope)
            Still checking which works better.

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            • When you are searching for a hashtag on twitter, make sure you put in the hashtag. For example, search for “#1000Speak” not “1000Speak”. You’ll get different results for each.

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