Weekly Preview, with Arkham Knight


I collect animated videos and movie trailers that use this song. This one is for Arkham Knight, which I know absolutely nothing about, but it gets the share today because Jeremy‘s back. Here’s your preview.

Tomorrow, we’ll have the second installment of “We Have the Power: A Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power Memoir” by Rose B. Fischer. This series will run every other week for the next couple of months. If you missed the introduction, you can read it here.

On Tuesday, David will have an Agent Carter recap. There are only two Agent Carter episodes left, and once he’d done with this run, you won’t see David here until April, so do tune in for the next couple of Tuesdays, and if you aren’t stopping by Comparative Geeks often why not get in the habit?

Jeremy will have a post on Wednesday about a comics publisher you might want to keep your eye on — IDW Publishing.

On Thursday, we’ll have part three of my Tolkien series, which I originally ran at Part Time Monster last year. Since that series is so long and we’ve grown so much since I started it, I am re-running it for Throwback Thursdays. New installments are published at the Monster on Mondays.

Melissa will have the next Arrow recap on Friday.

And of course, on Saturday, Luther‘s bringing the zombies.

I will also have another “What IS This?” feature for Tuesday Texture/Wordless Wednesday. This is where I post a texture photo, ask you what it is, and then after everyone’s had time to guess, I either reveal it on the thread or in the Wordless Wednesday photo.

We’ve pretty much settled into a routine now, so I may talk about the stats next Sunday instead of doing a preview.

Have a great week!