The Preview, and Something Sweet!

So. The Game of Thrones trailer is out a wee bit earlier than usual. I’m cautiously excited about this season. The trailer looks good and I have loved the show so far, but the later in the game it gets, the easier it is going to be for it to completely jump the shark. Martin’s writing schedule being what it is, who really knows what sort of compromises they’ve made to cover themselves in case they don’t have more book to work with before they need it? That said. Sand Snakes! Yay!!!

We have another marvelous book review from Rebecca Bradley coming tomorrow. You can read her January review of Disclaimer here.

We’ll also have our usual Agent Carter, Arrow, and Walking Dead recaps with the next installment of the Planescape: Torment series thrown into the mix.

Since this is #1000Speak week, we’re taking a break from the Feminist Fridays, but those will be back next week with a post at Things Matter. Do stop by a few of the blogs on the Femininst Friday schedule on Friday, because several of us will have compassion posts.

I will have the next installment of my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster tomorrow. Oh yes, I will! I may also run a series I have on trolling behavior for Just Gene’O this week. That one is contingent on me getting a lot of stuff loaded, but I am trying, because if I’m going to post four days in a row over there, I’d just as soon do it on the four days before #1000Speak.

Next week, Rose’s series on Masters of the Univers/Princess of Power returns and will run every other week thereafter. And Diana is cooking up some fun stuff for later.

We are absolutely awash in content, folks! Do stop by this week and thank at least one of our fabulous contributors for that.

7 thoughts on “The Preview, and Something Sweet!

    • I have my doubts as well. I think he might have Robert Jordan syndrome, and am up in the air about even reading further until (unless?) the whole series is finished.


      • Exactly how I feel. I was discussing this with a friend last week and we said that even if the next book materialises at some point – at that’s a big if the way things are right now – what is the point if he never gets to finish it? I really, really don’t want to think like that but Martin is not exactly young and he doesn’t necessarily look that healthy. My friend and I concluded this convo saying that we feel really selfish thinking that way…. but Martin drew us into that world dammit! The least he can do now is give us resolution, closure, an actual ending!

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        • Haha. We are readers. We get to be selfish about such things. And G.R.R. has said some not-so-nice things about the fans a times.

          Even if he doesn’t finish it, someone will be hired to finish it. It is too valuable a property at this point to not have a proper ending.

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          • Oh yes, somebody else would finish it for sure, that’s a given – we also discussed this with my friend, but whereas he didn’t seem to mind too much if somebody else rather than Martin took up the mantle, I really wasn’t keen on that scenario. I mean, it could never be the same, could it? It’s like when i heard Peter Jackson wasn’t going to do the Hobbit at first…..I was like, but he got LOTR pretty much perfect, who else is going to be able to get into Tolkien’s world and make as good a job of it?
            In the end I actually thought PJ killed the Hobbit films anyway (so, so disappointed) so maybe it would have been better if he didn’t come back on board as director.

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