Weekend Music: Oo De Lally!

If you are looking for Melissa’s Arrow review, scroll down. I am monkeying around with the schedule again, as I am wont to do.

I heard this song on a tv commercial a few days ago. Had no idea it was written by Roger Miller. Found this cover. Dude has a smooth voice, and he knows his banjo. The visual part is perfectly adequate, but a little fuzzy and the lighting is not the best. In other words, “artistic.” I like.


  • I’m hosting the #WeekendCoffeeShare this week, so my coffee post will be at the Monster rather than my own blog.
  • My #1000Speak post is done and in the queue at Just Gene’O. Since I am not doing a coffee post there this week, I’ll treat you to an excerpt tomorrow instead 😀 (Tell me I’m not good!)
  • Feminist Friday is happening at The Lobster Dance, like, now.
  • I will see you for #SundayBlogShare unless a big emergency happens.
  • There will be Tolkien at the Monster on Monday, written by me!!

Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Music: Oo De Lally!

  1. I have to admit that I knew it was Roger Miller because I have watched Disney’s Robin Hood way too many times, and not just as a kid either. I didn’t realize he had died so young though.

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    • I have seen the Robin Hood, but never paid attention to the credits, and it has been awhile. I originally went looking for the Disney animation when I saw it on the teevee, but found this one instead, is what happened.

      I am introducing some Robin Hood humor into the crazy mess of not-really-inside inside jokes next, I think. The Oz/WordDomination/Pirate/Ninja/Robot Army stuff has served me well.

      I’ll be cracking wise about avenging angels before you know it.


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