Arrow: Season 3, Episode 13 – Canaries

arrow-header-5This episode should be called Revelations because, really, surprise doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve been waiting for Captain Lance to learn the truth about Sara for weeks, so that wasn’t the real shocker. No, the real shocker was Ollie revealing his secret to Thea. I mean, seriously, that’s a lot to digest in one show.

So, Thea knows all her brother’s secrets. Oh, wait, she doesn’t know he fought to the death for her, or that she killed Sara Lance. At least she’s safe in the knowledge that her brother’s not a total flake – there’s a reason for all those lame excuses (let’s not mention his latest stint in ‘prison’).

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I was amazed by her reaction, in fact I think my mouth fell open when she thanked him. I was expecting an explosion; a rant about betrayal, accusations for being kept in the dark, a sworn declaration that she would never forgive him (well, okay, maybe not the last one). Instead she opened her arms to him. The acceptance was extremely powerful, and Ollie’s own response (however stoic), spoke volumes.

Thea’s reaction to Malcolm, and the fact he knows Ollie’s secret, was slightly less convincing. One minute she’s asking her brother not to make her choose, and trying to convince people Malcolm is basically a good guy, and the next she’s cutting him out of her life. She knows the kind of man her father is, what he’s done, so it felt a little off. But then I still don’t understand the logic behind Ollie’s newfound trust in Merlyn.

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Still, thanks to Chase, the DJ Assassin (I have to make him sound a little cool), Thea is forced to accept she’s going to need her father’s help. After Chase finally gets Thea where he wants her, he decides to take advantage and doses her drink with cyanide (not very polite). Luckily, Thea calls upon her training and foils his dastardly plan. He still manages to overpower her, and if not for Roy and Malcolm he might have succeeded. But Chase ends his own life (I assume) to avoid capture, and it’s sayonara to Ra’s’ spy.

It’s not the only time Roy stands up for Thea, he actually goes one on one with Ollie earlier in the episode because, well, Ollie was being an ass. It’s a turning point for Team Arrow. The gang are no longer willing to follow him blindly and they, quite rightly, demanded respect for their skills. It led to a pretty great pep talk from Diggle (I’ve really missed those), which forced Ollie to face a few home truths.


His reaction to Laurel’s new role within the team was expected. He did refuse to train her, and didn’t hide his disappointment when she turned to Ted Grant. So seeing her don her sister’s mask in order to fight crime didn’t go down too well.

Not that she let him stop her from doing her thing, which was great because he accepted her decision in the end. I loved Laurel’s role in this episode. The villain is hardly worth mentioning, though I’ve enjoyed Count Vertigo previously. This time he was merely a prop so Laurel could face her demons, and face them she did. Her dealings with the Count, hallucinating the return of her sister and facing her deepest fears, led to the understanding that she had to let her father grieve.


The scene between father and daughter was heart breaking, especially Captain Lance’s breakdown. Paul Blackthorne was outstanding in this scene – the raw emotion brought a tear to my eye.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Ollie and Thea. It was great to see a real bond forming between brother and sister, one which will continue to grow if the joint trial is anything to go by. Malcolm has sent them on a quest to face their biggest fear, so next week’s show should be eventful. Ollie is going back to Lian Yu, which means more of Deathstroke.

I don’t have much to say about the flashbacks in this episode because, if I’m honest, they confused me. They began with Maseo and Ollie running from Amanda, after they disobeyed orders to rescue Tatsu. Ollie is then captured, tortured, and forced to give Amanda Maseo’s whereabouts (which turn out to be false). The confusing part is Maseo’s attempt to save Ollie which, granted, makes a strange kind of sense, but his behaviour suggests something else is going on.


The only thing missing from this episode was Ray Palmer (who was also absent last week). Granted, I’m a little impatient to see Atom, and delayed gratification aside, he resolved a major glitch with Felicity’s help so – what’s taking so long? I know the gang have been a little busy, but has Felicity given up the pretence of working for him completely? Or is he burrowed in a laboratory somewhere, waiting for his time to shine?

On a side note, the above photo is part of the CW photo gallery from Canaries, yet the scene didn’t appear in the show (not in the UK anyway). Perhaps it forms part of a sneak peak from next week’s show, and if so, it appears I’m right – Ray looks like he’s been in the lab for weeks!

What did you think of the episode? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Arrow: Season 3, Episode 13 – Canaries

  1. I couldn’t believe Thea was so accepting of her brother’s secrets. I was expecting her to go off on some rant that made it all about her and how she had been wronged. I guess Thea is growing up. It was refreshing.

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  2. I haven’t had the chance to watch the show yet, though I LOVE anything SciFi and based on this it sounds like I will REALLY like it when I have the chance. I”m here from Bloppy Bloggers, I usually click on the post above mine, read it to “meet” a new blogger 🙂 and promote this post on my social media channels, of course! Nice to “meet” you, love the blog!

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    • Hi Joy, it’s nice to meet you 🙂 I love the blog too, and feel lucky I get to contribute every week 🙂 If you do get the chance, I can’t recommend Arrow enough – it’s my weekly fix! The Flash is also pretty great 🙂 I’ll head on over to Comfy Town Chronicles and take a look around! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I guess I should have waited to read your post until I watched this episode, ha ha. guess I will catch up on hulu plus this weekend with it.


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  5. As to Ray Palmer, I have been missing him too. However, once they were “go” with Flash, Barry Allen disappeared from Arrow last season. Maybe they’re doing the same thing here with Atom. In other words, get us to like him, then build up anticipation for the new show by not just including him constantly in this show. We’ll see, as it really does seem like he needs to come back to the show, unlike Barry who conveniently went into a coma…

    So much revealed this episode – great review 🙂

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    • Lol – it was pretty convenient 😉 I think we’ll see Ray pretty soon. I’m sure there will be a little competition for Ollie in the love stakes (which will be mildly annoying), and if that’s the case, I hope they don’t take too much focus away from his transformation.

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