5 Awesome Blog Features

We are in a lull with our Monday content this week, and I had a crazy weekend of chattering on threads so I don’t have anything substantial loaded. But I don’t want to publish just a photo on a Monday, so here are five regular features at other blogs that I just love. And by the way, regular features are very helpful for keeping a blog rolling and developing a regular audience.

Taylor Grace’s “Posts I Loved this Week” is great for finding new blogs to read. It always features excellent blogs, and sometimes my own posts make the list.

Therefore I Geek’s “Around the Web” always includes a collection of geeky and interesting stories from (you guessed it!) around the web.

The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art and & TheΒ Top 15 Featured Links” at the Speech Bubble combines a roundup of comics links with high-quality images from Deviant Art. It’s an awesome feature, and our comics posts have landed on the list many times.weekendcoffeeshare

“#WeekendCoffeeShare” is a feature a lot of bloggers do on the weekend. The posts can be about practically anything, and the idea is to write them as though you were having coffee with someone and chatting. Part Time Monster (run by my sister Diana) hosts a weekend link-up for the coffee posts.

You can find “Top Ten Tuesdays” at several blogs, including the always-fabulous Write On! Sisters. It’s sponsored by The Broke and the Bookish, which hostsΒ a weekly link-up for the posts and announces the topics in advance.

Got a favorite feature you try not to miss or one you use for your own blog? Tell us about it on the thread!

19 thoughts on “5 Awesome Blog Features

  1. my next “the A – Z lowdown on blogging” is going up tomorrow, with another one sheduled for Thursday. I’m trying to keep them in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They have been well received by blog land. πŸ™‚

    I used to have a Monday feature, called Mafioso Monday,but that show got cancelled due to low ratings. πŸ˜‰

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      • Speaking of temporary leaves of absences. I found that book I was looking for, and I am expecting things to start slowing down toward the end of the week. So maybe Tolkien time soon. I want it re-started by March, because I miss those posts and also, needing to do them is gumming up the works with my writing schedule.

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        • Yeah, I would like to have them sooner rather than later so that we can add more to that Tolkien series and so I’ll have some guest posts from you. We should chat soon about when to run Black Mirror. πŸ™‚


  2. I am fond of the Celebrate The Small Things posts on Fridays. Hosted by Lexa Cain (cant link from my phone) a lot of people just taking a moment to find something from the week to celebrate. Especially nice when it’s been a rough week, because it challenges you to think positive.

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    • That sounds like a good one πŸ™‚

      I’m liking The Friday 56 as well. Diana’s been doing those for three or four weeks. Take a book, any book, turn to page 56 and post a sentence or two. The blog that started it has a link-up for them, and they are quick, easy posts to write. I’m gonna start doing those at my blog on Fridays if I can ever find time to load the month’s worth of them that I have piled up.

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        • In this case, got it wrote down. Just need the boilerplate intro and got other more important posts to deal with at the moment, and it’s really no sense to start them until I’m to the point where I can do the linkup consistently and have a short run of them ready to go, because I’m doing them at the personal blog, and not adding any features there until they can be consistent ones. That said, happy to turn other people on to them in the meantime.

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  3. Reblogged this on Taylor Grace and commented:
    I love finding references to other blogs and Blog features. I know I’m in this one (and truly grateful to be there!) but there are others who are amazing blogs (like Sourcerer!) and certainly deserve a look. Why not check them out? I’m off to do just that! πŸ™‚

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