Bonus Music and Other Things: The FUTURE!

So, this is way late and I am in the mood for some Leonard Cohen. In addition to being one of the most versatile singer-songwriters I can think of, I consider him a poet of the first rank. Because he is very good at pointing out that almost everyone is playing a rigged game, through no fault of their own. He thinks that is just a part of the human condition, if I read his work correctly, and pointing it out is a worthy thing for a poet to do.

The first, and most important thing you need to know, other than my thoughts on Leonard Cohen, is that Jeremy will be back on Wednesday. Batman is a bit of a culture hero around this place, and the blog you see before you today would not exist in its current form if not for the fact that Jeremy delivered the Batman every week for almost seven months last year, which gave me the breathing room I needed to just love blogging and do all the meta-stuff. So do stop by and read Jeremy.

We will have our other features, as well, and OMG, the Walking Dead is back and so is LUTHER!

Our friend Nerd in the Brain is on a quest to spread kindness and happiness across the blogosphere, and she now has a hashtag and some badges to go along with her #ThreeThingsThursday feature.  Check it out! She’s good with you stealing the idea, and I will tell you. This feature includes many of the elements that have allowed the #WeekendCoffeeShare to become a thing. If you are in the market for a Thursday feature, or just enjoy spreading some positive vibes, this is for you.

I barely tweeted this weekend, and almost did not even post. Because I am helping out with a super-secret project which involves offering people an e-book that I am included in for absolutely free (it will take a while, but it will happen!) Also, some crazy-good feminism happened on Sabina’s Friday thread and that required a lot of my attention. You might enjoy scanning that thread. I recommend it.

Have a fabulous week and a world domination joke!


6 thoughts on “Bonus Music and Other Things: The FUTURE!

  1. Oh, I loves me some Leonard Cohen. (bad grammar intended) I’ve told Grace before that I would listen to that man read the dictionary. She giggled at me at the time, but I’ve noticed he’s made his way into her playlists. 😀

    Thank you so much for talking up Three Things Thursday! I would love nothing more than to see all of the blogiverse celebrating happiness. 😀

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    • Ha! I discovered him in my late 20s, by accident. If I had discovered him at Grace’s age and added him to my playlist, who knows what sort of person I would be? I was listening to the Eagles at that age. And they are cool, but they are rarely deep. LC is very good at social criticism, and very good at getting into peoples’ heads. (and btw, playlists did not exist when I was her age. We had these things called CDs. And some of us were stuck with tapes. We made one another mix-tapes and mailed them back-and-forth). And now, please excuse me. I have chattered on threads and in pms this weekend and done almost nothing else. This blog is in danger of not publishing tomorrow, and we both know that Sourcerer not publishing on monday is just beyond the pale 😀


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