Weekend Music, A Day Early! (This will get stuck in your head.)

Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren with a Nickle Creek (not the same as Nickleback, people!) song about a preacher who predicted the end of the world several times. I almost posted it last weekend. It got stuck in my head while I was making the decision. I have been humming it all week. Enjoy!

Three things:

  1. Jeremy will be back next week.
  2. I am revealing my #1000Speak topic this weekend.
  3. The Feminist Friday is at Victim to Charm this week.

That is quite enough for a Thursday, I think πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Weekend Music, A Day Early! (This will get stuck in your head.)

    • yeah. Me too! They don’t do a lot of the bluegrass, I don’t think, but the way I discovered them was by searching YouTube for Auld Lang Syne videos and they had a bluegrassy version. That pretty much blew everything else away. I thought they were Irish at first, but they are out of the Twin Cities. Up-and-comers, I think.

      Toni (the one with the banjo) is one of the best flatpickers I have ever laid eyes on. She’s got range. I visit their youtube often just in hope that she decides to bust out with some Earl Scruggs or some Hendrix. She could do justice to both, I think. She’s good with a harmonica, too.

      They are so good they have their own category here. Sharing them periodically, because I am just big enough on the internet at this point to find them new listeners if I share them consistently but not too much, and they might conceivably notice and start up a conversation if I do it long enough.

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    • You’re very welcome, and thanks for saying. I love it. They could end up being the discovery of the year. They are good, and they know how to stage a video then post it on YouTube so bloggers can share it πŸ™‚ They have lots and lots of good stuff.


    • You are very welcome! I love them, and they have enough videos of this quality that I could share them once a week for months, if I wanted to. I recommend their YouTube Channel, and I do not say that often.

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