Tuesday Texture: Geodesic

This one is too easy for a “What IS This?” but I am thinking about those. I heard you loud and clear last week. No worries. Good things come to those who wait, and I can be clever when I want to be.

I did actually take this photo myself, back in October, with 2015 Tuesday Textures in mind. All the photo features that link to my blog in the caption are taken by me.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Texture: Geodesic

  1. Rather than saying what it is on the thread, I think I will use another shot with this structure in it from an entirely different perspective for the Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.


    • LOL! I was there for Halloween with a six-year-old who was seeing it for the very first time. The International Food and Wine Festival was going on, so we could not get into our favorite attraction because the crowd was so thick, but did lots and lots of good stuff.

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