17 thoughts on “We Have the Power: A Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power Memoir — Intro

  1. I loved He-man! I used to annoy my sister to death quoting the intro (‘I am Adam. Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull…’). My brother had all the action figures and we had lots of fun with those! I’m really looking forward to the series – it’s been years since I thought about these cartoons. They’re classics 🙂

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  2. Three Things:

    1. I share the “can’t wait” sentiment that I am picking up from this thread.

    2. I was skating into “too old for kidstuff” territory when He-Man hit, but loved it anyway. I was a Star Wars baby with a Bee Gees lunch box in a world with no mass media except TV and print, and cable hadn’t even hit big in 1982. By the time this really became a craze in my locale, I was thinking about a driver’s test and whatnot. But I do still have my Battle Cat and Teela (she was my favorite) action figures with all their accessories stashed away in a safe place. And my brother and cousins who were only 3-5 years younger than me went absolutely bonkers for it.

    3. I do not say this kind of stuff often on the public threads, but I am expecting this to be a winner. That is based on the overall nostalgic vibe I am picking up from the response, and from the sharing of this post I’ve seen today.

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  3. Also, Rose. I think you are right about the significance. I grew up watching all that recycled stuff and never heard of a weekday afternoon cartoon until I was almost 12. Beverly Hillbillies and Andy Griffith is what I got after school. MOTU was absolutely a game-changer, if my anecdotal memory is worth anything at all.

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  4. I was never much for He-Man, I had too much love for the Thundercats. As a kid, they seemed mutually exclusive to me.
    That said, Skeletor is awesome. What do you think of the Skeletor is Love tumblr?


    • If this goes well, I’ll do T-Cats next. I loved both. Skeletor is indeed awesome. I had not heard of that Tumblr, I’ll have to check it out. I don’t spend much time there. 🙂


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