Coming Tomorrow: Rose B. Fischer on Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power


Tomorrow my friend Rose B. Fischer introduces her series “We Have the Power: A Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power Memoir.” The intrduction will include links to some of Rose’s other projects and talk about the significance of these programs. The series proper will begin on Feb. 22 and run every other week. If it does well, we’ll think about expanding our offerings here to include more blogging about children’s media.

motupoptitleThis is the last of our major announcements (and we have had many this month). We’re set up now for the epic run of blogging I started dreaming up in October. I’m happy to finally have everything rolling.

Also coming this week.

  • More Agent Carter from CompGeekDavid along with a Tuesday Texture.
  • Another Planescape: Torment “Let’s Play” post from Will on Wednesday, along with a Wordless Wednesday photo.
  • Not sure about Thursday yet. Possibly a Thursday Thirteen, but maybe a Throwback Thursday. Diana’s in a lull here and working hard on Part Time Monster while we wait on Penny Dreadful to start back up.
  • Arrow from Melissa on Friday.
  • More from Luther on The Walking Dead and weekend music on Saturday.

Stay tuned for another awesome week of blogging, folks!

Animation test video from the official He-Man channel. Image by Rose B. Fischer.