Tuesday Texture: What IS This?

Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Texture: What IS This?

    • I actually see the violets, since you said that, but it would not have occurred otherwise. Will say what it is in a separate comment once I respond to everyone who took a stab.


  1. Pea gravel a little bit larger than aqarium rocks. The green is parking lot striping that workers painted the parking lot with, then washed out their buckets on the gravel.

    Taken with my camera phone, which did many strange things to the image.

    1. Because of all the gravel, the phone could not focus, so it’s all blurry and you cannot see the shapes of the rocks.
    2. The green was actually closer to lime green when I was standing there looking at it with my own eyes. It was late in the day and the lighting did something funny to the color. Not sure what happened there, really.
    3. I had the flash on and did not realize it until I snapped. So, some of that white is sand, but some is just pixelated light.

    Terrible image, really. Things are not as they seem. But what a fun idea for a blog post. I wish I had more of these. “What is This” could become a thing if I did it often enough. This thread says so.

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  2. Can’t find where you wrote the answer so, I feel compelled to answer.
    It is the ivy growing back at Wrigley Field in Chicago…….the pink is a decoy. ‘Something’ that got stuck within the ivy.
    That said, I’ll look for your answer.


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