Important Info and A Weekly Preview

The A to Z list is live. We’re #96. Use this link to register. Official announcement on Thursday.

According to this post, registration for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge opens tomorrow. I do not know what hour of the day the list goes live. If you have already decided to take the plunge, keep your eye on the it and get in as early as you can.

This is my personal surivor badge. Sourcerer needs one of these.

This is my personal survivor badge. Sourcerer needs one of these.

Our schedule is here and every day is taken. We will not announce the actual topics until it’s time for the reveal. You’ll notice V is reserved for a mystery blogger and Y is “taken care of.” Those letters will remain as-is until reveal day. I will have an official announcement later this week once I register and see where we land on the list.

Here’s the preview for this week. I won’t do these every week, but we are still in a state of transition, and we have a couple of posts coming this week that are a little out-of-the-ordinary. You’ll not want to miss either.

  • Monday – A guest post on Star Wars and Fandom from the incomparable Natacha Guyot.
  • Tuesday – David brings you some thoughts on Agents of Shield, since there was no Agent Carter last week. [Edited, because we just realized this a few minutes ago. We are some Hulu- and on-demand-watching geeks.]
  • Wednesday – The first of a series on the Planescape: Torment video game from Will.
  • Thursday – The official A to Z Announcement.
  • Friday – Melissa blogs this week’s episode of Arrow.
  • Saturday – Weekend Music.
Arrr, Mateys!


The first round of Feminist Friday discussions starts this week at Part Time Monster. The post is written and the spring schedule is here.

Next week, we kick off a seven-part series from Rose B. Fischer on a couple of animated series most of you are sure to remember. Rose’s series will run twice a month.

See you later for #SundayBlogShare on Twitter!

12 thoughts on “Important Info and A Weekly Preview

    • Thanks! I’ve never really been sure whether it’s worth the time to do it, but these don’t take that long and allow me to link to people, which is always a good thing.


    • Yep! I noticed that. I think you inadvertantly helped me out by accidentally dropping your about page the first time. Looks like that one was removed.

      You can look at the spaces and tell the ones that are gone. We won’t move up once more until people start failing to post for 5 days and getting removed. We’re so early on the list, all the links before us are fairly easy to check.

      I got the visits today, according to my referrals. And this might pique your interest. Look at the bloggers chattering on this thread.

      Just exploring right now, but signed on just to see what it’s about. And because Write On Sisters did, lol. Just found your comment because I am adding the badge, and the linky is open for 300 and something more days, so no hurry.


        • I see you took the look πŸ™‚ I just want to be even more clear that I know nothing about the Blog Blitz at this point. Just joined in because it looked like fun, and really. If it is good enough for Write On! Sisters, probably good enough for me. They are wise.

          If you have not already, you need to take a good look at who is commenting on that thread, and at the first, say, 30 blogs on the linky list.

          Compare it to the list of A to Z hosts.

          Then look at how many people joined AFTER I published that post today. Not a lot, but helpful to a project that received its last comment almost three weeks before I discovered it. And I did not ask people to join. I only said I was exploring it and would provide more info once I see what it is about.

          World Domination, is what I’m saying.

          Liked by 1 person

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