Penny Dreadful Season 2 Gets a Full Trailer and an Air Date!

Exciting news, fellow Dreadfuls! Penny Dreadful returns to Showtime on April 26, and they’ve released a new trailer for the season! We got a teaser earlier this year:

But now Showtime has released a full-length trailer for season 2. And my, my, it looks dreadfully wonderful.

This season, it looks like we’ll get a proper villain. Evelyn Poole, also known as Madame Kali, (Helen McCrory) will be a season regular and is set to be the main antagonist of the season. We’re going to see characters meeting who didn’t interact last season, and there’s going to be some witchcraft-ery. It looks like we’ll also see Ethan grappling with that whole werewolf thing this season and get a glimpse at what life-after-recreation is like for Brona Croft.

I’ll be blogging season 2 again here, so catch up on season 1 if you need to, then join us!

10 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful Season 2 Gets a Full Trailer and an Air Date!

    • It’s a really good show. I loved the first season, and the second season looks really good as well. It’s a Gothic-England-set story with characters like Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dorian Grey, and Dracula all running about.


  1. LOL, folks. Totally forgot this was running. Just popped in and went “what the heck is up with the blog?” for just a second. This is a bit of a multitasking day.

    Diana. Someone or a couple of someones went rifling through your author archive from that category link I put in yesterday’s music post. The interest in this show will return.

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    • Awesome. I noticed someone went rifling through the American Horror Story files, too, probably getting ready for the season finale.


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