Give a Warm Welcome to Rebecca Bradley!

Crime author Rebecca Bradley has signed on to do monthly book reviews here beginning rbradleythis month. I’m ecstatic that Rebecca has agreed blog here, and I don’t know exactly what she has in store for us, so you’ll just have to tune in and check it out. πŸ˜‰

Our plan is to run her first review on January 19 (you might want to mark that one on your calendar πŸ™‚ ) and on the third Monday of every month thereafter for as long as we’re all having fun.

You will find tons of good stuff about books and writing at Rebecca’s blog, like this post about the #BoutOfBooks read-a-thon, for example. She has a concise, easy style that I enjoy, and she has as almost as many Internet projects as I do.

shallow_Waters_coverIf you want to know what Rebecca is up to this year, just go and read this. She has a crime book club, and recently released a book of her own, Shallow Waters.

Rebecca and I have been chatting off-and-on for awhile. When she answered the call for contributors back in October, I just couldn’t believe our good luck.

You can find The Crime Book Club on Facebook, and Rebecca herself on Twitter @RebeccaJBradley.

21 thoughts on “Give a Warm Welcome to Rebecca Bradley!

  1. I love a good crime novel, and am looking forward to learning more about Rebecca. I can understand why you’re thrilled to have such a diverse crew here at Sourcerer – this proves to be an exciting year. Let the good times begin!

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    • I love them, too. And yes the diversity makes me very happy indeed. I’m especially glad we’re getting some book blogging. None of the rest of us have ever had time to do more than the occasional book lists, and I think it should fit in well here.

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      • It will certainly be that. This blog thrives on fun, unless it happens to be Sunday and I have stats to talk about. On those days, it thrives on wankery, lol.


  2. I follow Rebecca on her own blog, and like you I’m a fan of her concise, honest reviews. And her novel is definitely worth a look – I reviewed it on my blog last week, and let’s just say I had a late night that night!

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