Not Everyone Was Born to Be a King . . . But EVERYONE Can Raise a Glass and Sing!

This is one of Diana’s anthems. I post it from time to time to make her smile. Also, to make a philosophical point in a humorous way. It has the added bonus of dropping an F-bomb on the front page of a blog that is notoriously conservative where the publishing of profanity is concerned. And it is truly the only eulogy I need.

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We are doing the April A to Z Challenge here. Luther put us over the top in the support department yesterday. We will have fun with it.

This is my personal surivor badge.

My personal survivor badge. Sourcerer must have one of these.

Here’s the A to Z schedule as it stands now. The bloggers with links are solid for it as of this weekend. I can write the rest of the posts standing on my head if I need to. This is why I started with the A to Z chatter in October. Just in hope of being able to give it the greenlight before the turn of the year.

We are on track to start the Feminist Friday Project back up on January 30. Still discussing these a bit, but I think we are good. If you followed these posts this year, you want to get Victim to Charm and The Lobster Dance in your reader, if they aren’t already.

Have a World Domination joke. Because even though we are not actually taking over the world, we are taking over the Internet, and it amuses me to just come right out and say it.

Raise your glass and SING!

2 thoughts on “Not Everyone Was Born to Be a King . . . But EVERYONE Can Raise a Glass and Sing!

    • Yes. Me too! It’s definitely a relief to have it done. Now I just have to write some contributor announcements and load a month’s worth of photos, and I’ll be ready to get started on Bilbo for your blog.

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