Happy Holidays, All You Comics Fans!


Batman-2004-DC-holiday-card-thumb-550x394-78358We’re just not posting many of our valuable words on Christmas Eve or New Years’ Eve. But you know we can’t let a Wednesday go by without a comics post.

This is a Christmas card for all you nice people who stop by week-in and week-out for comics. We appreciate your support. This would be a very different blog without you.

michael-cho-a-kirby-christmas-dare-devil-super-hero-holiday-kwanzaa-hanukkah-anti-lifeWe wish you all a safe, happy, and peaceful Christmas. And a fabulous New Year.

We’re taking Thursday off. I’ll have weekend music Friday and our revised April A to Z plan on Saturday.

Spidey_How_the_Grinch_Sto_____by_DeadlydelmundoMichael Cho Happy Holidays image via Not A Punk Rocker. Batman and Spidey images discovered at Fashion and Action.