Seasons Greetings! See you in January (well, probably before that).

Photo by me.

Photo by me.

First, let me wish you and yours a safe, happy, peaceful, lovely, fabuolous, and wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to those of you partake in that particular set of rituals, and a very warm Winter Holiday with family and friends to those of you who celebrate in other ways.

American Horror Story is on a two-week hiatus, and David and I have decided it’s better to reload for January than to try and run a comics post on Christmas Eve.

Contributors are on Christmas break, and we aren’t returning to our normal routine until January, but I’ll pull fun stuff out of the archives and talk about it as I have time. I’ll be around on Twitter and Facebook more than the blogs for the next couple of weeks.

If you find yourself jonesing while we’re away, go and hang out with my friend Not A Punk Rocker. She’s doing the opposite of me. Cutting back on the other social media, and continuing to ramble on her blog. She is also wise and finds amusing art.

I’ll have a drop-dead timeline for Feminist Fridays, and announce a scaled-back A to Z plan, next weekend. Those are written, but Christmas is five days away and they’ll keep.

New contributors: You will have dashboard invitations no later than December 26. And read the contributors page if you haven’t already. It explains how to use the categories and the featured image in this theme.

Happy Holidays!

12 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings! See you in January (well, probably before that).

  1. I’m not taking a hiatus this year–if anything, I should’ve taken a hiatus in the last two weeks of the semester and resumed at the holidays–but I understand that readership may drop due to the millions of things happening in everyone’s lives. I finally figured out my editorial calendar situation and will be writing about that plus stats/goals in about a week’s time. Have a wonderful holiday!

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    • Tweet me that link if you like, when you write it. I don’t see the value in posting anything other than holiday-themed stuff the weeks of Christmas, New Year, and Fourth of July. And we really don’t do holidays on the blogs. But to each, their own.

      My big mistake this year was not taking my foot off the accelerator in late July and trying to keep us from tanking in August. That was totally a losing b battle. Whether it’s our blogs in particular, or small blogs in general, the traffic somewhat follows the academic calendar, it seems. Unless you are really good at writing for searches, able to post four times a day, or already the size of HuffPo.

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      • I will. I decided to cut back on posts for this week and next week but still posting. I have way more time at the holidays than during “real life” so I’m tempted to post a bunch but I maybe should just prep future posts.


    • πŸ™‚ That’s the spirit! and get well soon! YW for the shoutout.We’re not doing much around here for the next couple of weeks, and since you’re posting and bloggers need blogs, it seemed like the thing. If you haven’t seen, I have WordPress lists of bloggers I talk to, and people can follow them, but only if they are shared. No way to find them otherwise. I am sharing five of mine as a Christmas gift to my friends.


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