Weekend Music with New Design Rollout!!


This video seems appropriate today. The design still needs a bit of tweaking, but for the most part, it’s in. First, a very important change in the way I’m using my blogs.

If this blog is the only way you have of keeping up with the Feminist Friday Project or my other fiendish plots, look to Just Gene’O for that info now. Once contributors get rolling  next month, I can’t be telegraphing my every move on our daily pop culture blog.

@Sourcererblog is still my main channel on Twitter. Feminist Friday links and all other Part Time Monster/Just Gene’O links are still tweeted from that account. If Twitter is the way you keep up, don’t worry about @justgeneo unless you’re already following that one.

The New Design

I’ve given you a reason to rate posts and thumbs-up comments. If you look at the sidebar, just beneath all the “Follow Us” and “Recent Posts” widgets, you will find one labeled “Top Rated.” That widget counts the ratings you give posts and pages with the little stars. It also counts comment thumbs-ups.

I’ve put all the ratings at the bottom of the posts/pages/comments so you don’t have to scroll up to find them. If I see enough rating activity going on here over the next couple of months to warrant it, I will leave that widget on the sidebar. The best part about this? Ratings are anonymous. And now they mean something because they affect the “Top Rated” rankings.

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