Ooops. Here is something I did not think of.

This theme does not display featured images on the front page. That is a good  function. The featured image is there to control what displays on other media when the link is shared, but doesn’t force you to have an image at the top of the post whether you want one or not.  It is flexible.

part. Hear me out and give it a chance!

It eliminates the problem of either having to resize an image to get it to run all the way across the text area, or just letting a post go with a weirdly narrow cover image. But here is the problem.

Everything we’ve posted in which we used the featured image as an important design element is now no longer displaying that image on the front page. The featured images are still there, will still display when the post is shared and can be easily found and embedded at the tops of the posts. But that means touching hundreds of posts individually. I just did that, and it is not fun.

I’m letting this go for now. Nothing to do about it. I’m too far along to back this theme out and start over. The feature is a good move going forward, but this bugs the hell out of my inner perfectionist.

The main top-menu categories are in. Subcategories will be on the menus and widgets will be fixed as soon as can get them done. After work tonight, I hope.

Text for new about pages is drafted, and all the old pages are now on the “Year One” menu. I’m leaving them up because we’ve linked to them so much, and because I find them useful for looking at how the blog has evolved in a year’s time. The new ones will be up as soon as I can get them pasted in and find art for them.


  • The “Blogs” category is not complete. I missed several in my haste to get this done. I’ll add the ones I missed eventually.
  • Not all the photos made it into “Photos.” I ran out of steam on the home stretch and left some of them in “Miscellany.” Photos is a credible category, though.
  • Some of the videos in music are probably dead. I started out either fixing dead ones or killing the posts, but stopped checking about halfway through because it was taking too long. I’ll deal with those as I find them, and I will, because I use that category as a playlist.

Happy blogging!

3 thoughts on “Ooops. Here is something I did not think of.

    • I’m referring to the featured image for posts. The old theme displayed them above the headline. This one doesn’t display them at all. Just controls what image is used when the link is shared.

      The problem is I have tons of posts in the archive which were build in the old theme using the featured image function to put a big image at the top of the post. Now those don’t display when you go into the archive and dig up the post.


      • Yup, that’s the problem with picking new themes. You’ll find one that you really really love but there is always that one or two things about it that isn’t the way you want it.

        The custom CSS wouldn’t help you here either as it would need to be done on the HTML side, which is a bummer.


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