A Note to Contributors

New About pages are going up tonight. If you stumble onto the “For Contributors” page before we’ve had a chance to talk about the new stuff, let me reassure you that not one thing about the way I handle contributions is changing. Not imposing a bunch of rules.selfportrait1

This goes for everyone, whether you are one of the handful of people who have open invitations to email me drafts any time, or whether you are a new contributor waiting to be announced. I appreciate your contributions to no end. This blog would not exist without you.

That page will have three purposes.

  • To put the way we’re doing things now into clear, concise language.
  • To answer common questions so I don’t have to explain them by email to future contributors.
  • To address things that I always want to know when I get ready to post on someone else’s blog.

As with any new piece of communication produced under a deadline, it may need tweaking to serve the purpose I intend. But it’s necessary to have that page.

I advertised a couple of months ago and picked up three regular bloggers and a guest post from a friend. I’m anticipating having to go out for contributors periodically as people end their runs and move on to other things, and expecting bloggers to pitch me ideas from time to time as I make more friends.

You’ll need to read it. But it’s more for the future than for the present.


Ooops. Here is something I did not think of.

This theme does not display featured images on the front page. That is a good  function. The featured image is there to control what displays on other media when the link is shared, but doesn’t force you to have an image at the top of the post whether you want one or not.  It is flexible.

part. Hear me out and give it a chance!

It eliminates the problem of either having to resize an image to get it to run all the way across the text area, or just letting a post go with a weirdly narrow cover image. But here is the problem.

Everything we’ve posted in which we used the featured image as an important design element is now no longer displaying that image on the front page. The featured images are still there, will still display when the post is shared and can be easily found and embedded at the tops of the posts. But that means touching hundreds of posts individually. I just did that, and it is not fun.

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