A Redesign Update

If you missed the news last week, I’m redesigning the blog. You can find the basic redesign and my notes about it here. I spent all weekend re-categorizing posts so I can use the categories to build menus once I change the theme.

I am down to 120 or so posts to review, so maybe an hour or two of work left on that. The categories are close enough to being finished that you can use the pull-down menu on the sidebar to see what I’m doing with them.

Posts are categorized by contributor and general topic/subtopic. This will allow me to create a “Bylines” menu so you can find things written by specific people. It will also allow me, just for example, to create a “Television” menu so you can find reviews listed by show.

“Blogs” is for blogs I’ve linked to often enough to warrant a category. It will take awhile to fully develop because I missed some posts early in the process and will need to go back and fill them in. A few more blogs will be added, and once I am completely done, I’ll figure out which ones to keep as categories. “Reblogs” will include every reblog I’ve ever done here.

“Miscellany” is for things that can’t have a stand-alone category.

“Evil Schemes” is for my notes, announcements, collaboration ideas, project updates, etc. It’s there so anyone who is interested in the social networking side of things can see how I do that from the blog. It’s under Miscellany because I’m moving most of that stuff to Just Gene’O and Facebook next year to make way for more fun and games here. At this point, I’m just trusting people who are interested to keep up. I can’t do that kind of networking on a pop culture blog with potentially nine contributors. There’s no space for it and it’s not something I can do one day a week on a rigid schedule.

“Feminist!” contains the early Feminist Friday threads and some of the promotion and planning stuff. It is under Miscellany. The rest of the political posts I wrote this year are filed only in my author category, aside from a few Evil Schemes and a few music posts. I did it this way because I’ve decided to make Sourcerer a political no-go zone, so I don’t want to emphasize politics in the menu structure. But the Friday discussions started here, and anyone who’s interested enough to really dig needs to know this blog is run by a feminist.

“Blogwanking” is for the posts about blog stats, etc. and “Twitter” contains my Twitter knowledge base.

The sub-categories of music are based on what I’ve shared so far, and almost every video I ever blog will fit there somewhere. “Popular” is a catch-all category for things that don’t fit elsewhere.

I believe the rest are self-explanatory.

Contrasts nicely with the flower, don't you think?


The blog isn’t connected to the rest of the social media right now because I had issues over the weekend with old posts leaking out onto Facebook and Tumblr while I was updating them. I’m assuming that’s a bug caused by me sending between 40 and 50 rapid-fire update requests to WordPress every hour for most of Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

My goal at this point is to have the theme in and get it tweaked to the point that it’s functional in time to see what our posts look like with the new design by Wednesday or Thursday.

I’m planning to revamp the about page, have a page for contributors with guidelines on categorization, things about the theme you need to know, etc, and move the old pages onto a “Legacy Pages” menu. I don’t want to hide or kill them because we’ve linked to them extensively, but I am ready to be done using pages to index content. It’s hideously inefficient.

Once the redesign is complete, this will officially be an Award-Neutral blog. What that means is I will thank people when they nominate us for an award, and may even do it with a link if I have the time and space for it. But we’re done with award nomination posts here. I really do enjoy the blogging awards. I may still do them occasionally at Just Gene’O, but Sourcerer has to be about entertaining people and finding readers for the bloggers who support us.

Happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “A Redesign Update

    • Thanks! The flag is a big hit with the peeps, and it’s public domain.

      I like the re-imagining phase. I don’t care much for the repetitive labor of changing the categories around, etc.

      I will have to come and take a peek when you get it figured out. 🙂


    • Taking a break from the recategorizing (still at it, but only about 60 posts to go). Since it’s not really a secret that you’ve thrown in with us, and no one is reading this thread anyway, a couple of notes while I am thinking about it.

      You get the access just as soon as I am done.

      If you would like to inform your peeps at any time, feel free to do so, and do so publicly if you have a mind. This is not embargoed. I’ve been leaking it for a week.

      We aren’t closely associated enough for you to steal any thunder. The worst that can happen is all our mutual friends and well-wishers are looking for the front page announcement when it comes.

      Think about what you how you want the front page thingy to read, and is it ok to use an image of you, and one to three links to things of yours you want to include. Can be social media accounts, specific pieces, just whatever you choose.

      Don’t put that stuff here. Send it privately. And no hurry. I am shutting down on Friday and not coming back until the 26th. That’s why I am so frantic to get this blog done. It cannot sit in a state of disrepair that long. But I will read the email and such.


      • Front page…I never thought that would happen 🙂 I’ll have a think about how I want it to read – I’m assuming a hint at my obsession with superheroes and fantasy in general! Or maybe obsession isn’t the right word…lets call it passion. It sounds better! Anyway, I digress. I’ll have a think on it. I’ll send you over a photograph and a link to my blog and facebook if that’s okay.

        I’m so pleased I can do a post about the collaboration, I’ve been dying to! I’m so excited 🙂 I will prepare something over the next few days.

        I hope you’re making headway with the recategorizing, and that you get everything complete before you take a breather for Christmas. You’ll have earned it!

        Happy Holidays 🙂


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