Friendly Blogging: Did I Just Fix Facebook?


I’m behind on some things because I have been spending lots of time on Facebook this week. I think I’ve figured out how to make that network useful to me as a blogger. I finally see the play after a year of struggling over there. I’ve decided to take the shot.

I’ll wank on the whys and wherefores at Just Gene’O once I have the info to do that. This is the post in which I explain what I am doing and link to a bunch of nice bloggers in case anyone wants to come and play. FBlike

Weeks ago, I started tweaking Facebook so I could have more visibility of the bloggers I talk to often and start liking their stuff.Β  I started out just fooling around in my spare time, but last weekend I figured some things out and decided to get on it and get it done. Here’s what I did.

  • Used custom lists to tune everyone out except bloggers who interact with me, and blog-friendly people I want to interact with, then started liking and sharing only their posts and nothing else.
  • Screwed my privacy settings down tight, so that anyone who I am sure doesn’t care about blogs or who I have any doubts about for any reason, however small, can’t see what I like, share or comment on.
  • Got myself into a position, through a couple of friends, to eventually be Facebook friends with a few hundred bloggers.

Now I am set up to maintain my timeline as a safe, friendly, no drama zone, to add bloggers as Facebook friends, and to share blog posts and blogging-related updates with them.


My personal standard. A banner for bloggers to flock to. Because it’s a public domain image, and the Internet can always use a little more mischief!!

Here is what I think will happen as I add bloggers to my “plain ol’ friends” list who see what I like and share, and build mutual Facebook friendships with a lot of them. Engagement on my timeline will tick up because I know a lot of good blogs to share. When I comment on what others are sharing, and they comment on what I am sharing, that will put those posts in other bloggers’ feeds. If I am able to get it growing and maintain it without it sucking away too much time, I will eventually have a Facebook network with the ability to drive some serious engagement, and that will be good for us all.

Once I am sure the privacy settings are right, I will spend a little time each week meeting bloggers by following links from Facebook. I will allow some of them to be my Facebook friends, and so they will have a chance of seeing the links I share and building enough trust to get into my circle of close friends.

By this time next year, there will be a lot of us. We will be a merry band. Most of us will also have Twitter accounts, some with thousands of followers, and a few of us will have accounts on other social media like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Reddit. How does that sound?

Only “Friends of Friends” can send me friend requests on Facebook right now, but I am paying CLOSE attention to who follows me. Once I am ready to proceed, probably in a week or two at most, I will start contacting the Facebook followers I know well enough to be friends with and asking them if they want in.

P.S: Gretchen, Diana, Taylor, Hannah, Natacha, Rose, Luther, Therefore I Geek, Leather Library, Sisters, CompGeeks, Winter Bayne, Winewankers, Sabina: I think I took a level in badass this year! And just an early heads up. It is too early to say anything more, but Melissa and I are talking about cooking something up for the blog next year.

P.P.S: For those of you who follow my social media blogging. “Friendly Blogging” is the catchphrase for 2015. No more “Blog Traffic and Engagement” as the headline meme, though you will still see those terms in the headlines, because they are good for hashtagging. It’s taken from @Sourcererblog’s “FriendlyBloggers” list, which is one of my two most carefully-curated public lists.

P.P.P.S.: Your weekend music will run at Just Gene’O in about an hour.

20 thoughts on “Friendly Blogging: Did I Just Fix Facebook?

  1. This sounds fantastic πŸ™‚ I’ll spend some time on Facebook over the weekend and get to grips with it. My settings need to be worked over so now is a good time. I’m sure I’ll get some tips over at Just Gene’O too, so I can continue to tweak things. I’m excited about working with you in the new year.

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    • I’ve got the whole process documented, just not sure how much to share on the blogs yet, and still monitoring it to make sure the privacy settings are good. I am also gambling. It’s too early to say if this will actually be worth the time I’m spending on it, but I think it’s worth the shot. Basically, flagging people as acquaintances and your restricted list in your settings are your friends.


      • Thanks, I’ll play around with that. I think it is worth the shot too. There are plenty of us who want to use Facebook in a more productive way, and I’ve enjoyed my recent jaunts across there! It will be interesting to see what happens, and with improved monitoring/tweaked settings I should get the hang of it πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve been finding Facebook a strange place for more public social medias. I use it a lot for personal use, but am rather protective of my “friends and family” friending policy. I wish it were easier to interact with people as a “page” since that’s what I have for my author profile. My Facebook page is probably the least helpful to me at this point, in part because of the page v. Profile challenges.
    Will be interesting to see how it pans out for you.

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    • Yes. That’s problem with pages not being to interact is what forced me to do this. I have never really used facebook just to keep up with friends and family. That is what my telephone is for. I have to find a way to make Facebook serve my online projects, or else I just have to find a better use of my time. I am really hoping this will work.

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  3. The trouble with Facebook is that people are less receptive to constant posting. You can realistically only grab people’s attention a few times a week, I think, because people don’t tolerate a constant stream there like they do on Twitter. I’m interested to hear more of your FB developments!


    • Yes.

      And lots of people don’t understand how to manage their feeds. I’m just getting the hang of it myself.

      Basically, just sharing one link a day on my timeline where a small group of friends can see, and invisible to everyone else at the moment. And active in a couple of groups. We shall see. If it turns out to not be worth the time, I’ll move on to something else.

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      • Good plan. I’ve actually liked participating in groups a fair amount, they’re good for connections and advice. My own fan page isn’t particularly active but I like the group discussions a lot, so that’s kinda my FB “strategy” at this point.

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    • LOL. I’ve been mostly just sharing my photography now and then and commenting on newsy stuff and such.Occasionally sharing fanpage posts and links for blogging friends. My problem is that no one see my stuff or interacts with me much over there, except bloggers, and most of that so far has been in PMs and groups. Not a lot of timeline-interaction.

      And my friends at this point are mostly a collection of people I know offline who found me when I first joined. Since they aren’t really interested anyway, unless I post something controversial that lands in their feeds that they don’t like, I figured I’d just make myself invisible to them and talk to bloggers. And nothing personal against those folks. It’s partly an attempt to not annoy them with blog links and blogchatter.

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      • I like your strategy for aiming for people you know you’d interact with better. It sounds like a good all round plan. I’m hit and miss on there. I use Twitter and my blog mostly, then Facebook and instagram then Google+. There are so many, I think knowing how you are going to use them makes sense. It definitely sounds more fun!

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        • I’ve got accounts all over the place. After a year of experimenting all over the place, I have decided that the way to go for me is focus on one network at a time and build presence there as a blogger & organizer. This year was about getting Twitter to the point where it’s useful for the blogs. Next year is about doing the same on FB.


  4. Wow, great plans!

    Now, only because I am easily confused, this is your FB and not a page for the blog you are talking about, right? I have both but I don’t do anything on the blog page except let WP publish my links or to cross promote the few times I have been outside of the WP network.

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  5. Hey, πŸ™‚ I’ve created a Facebook account just for my blogging and that has really helped me on there…. also just because I was worried about some of my privacy and befriending people i don’t know in real life.

    Let’s just be honest my family and friends don’t really care about my blogging, um they don’t even know what a blog is for that fact.

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    • Thanks! I thought about doing that. Decided to do this instead. If the privacy settings don’t hold, I’ll unfriend the family & friends. I have people in my following who might love some blogs and be impressed by what I have done, If I can get my timeline busy and then unrestrict them and put things they like in their feeds.

      A second Facebook account is too much trouble for me. All my behind-the-scenes work is tied up in this one, and I honestly do not facebook with family and friends. If i set up a new one, I would just deactivate the one I have.


      • Ahhh, yes well I’ve been on face book since 2009 and I only started blogging this year. πŸ™‚ We all have our own ways as long as those ways work it’s all good πŸ™‚

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        • I started on FB a year ago, and only did it to find the first few readers for these blogs. The family sort of swarmed me, and I did not have the sense to just delete the friend requests, is what happened. It’s always been about the blogs for me.

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