Thanks, Bloggers, for all that #SundayBlogShare Love

When Suzie81 asked me to host this week’s #SundayBlogShare, I was torn. On the one hand, I was honored and wanted to jump at the chance. It’s an activity I enjoy. I love that I’ve watched it grow from nothing and have had a small part in building it.


On the other hand, I thought it might be a ton of work and that I would screw something up. I eventually decided to do it, and I am very glad I did. It did turn out to be a bit of work, but it was totally worth it. It got me a couple of good days on the blogs, I met some nice folks, and it put @Sourcererblog’s Twitter following above 5K for the first time. Needless to say, I am pleased.

Last week, I put out the word to my friends that I was hosting and invited them to join in. I also shared #SundayBlogShare with a couple of groups I am a part of on Facebook. Here’s an excerpt from one of the status updates I posted to those groups.

So, you might be interested to know that I am hosting #SundayBlogShare on Twitter right now. What being the host means, basically, is:

1. I retweet everything that is a legitimate blog post and doesn’t contain hate speech with my @sourcererblog account.
2. I look at most of the links. I comment on the ones that grab me, either on Twitter or on the blog itself.
3. I follow almost everyone who shares a link to that hashtag and they get a solid month to decide whether to follow me back.

Silly me.

Retweeting everything from that hashtag and following even three quarters of the bloggers who use it on Sundays is officially impossible, at least for an amateur like me. That’s how big it has gotten, and I had no idea. I promoted #SundayBlogShare hard the first week we did it and I join in when I can, but I wasn’t able to really pay attention for most of November. I keep up with Suzie, so I knew it was growing. I just didn’t realize how quickly it was growing.

I started monitoring the hashtag around 2 a.m. London time and just watched it. I retweeted the first few links and warned the first few people who weren’t sharing blog posts off. I typically don’t do that, and in general it’s not worth the time, but I didn’t want  to get overrun by non-blog related stuff before the bloggers started showing up. I did retweets and follows for awhile and had no problem keeping up during the early hours. At some point, I went to sleep thinking things were going fine, but it really wasn’t that busy.

When I woke up a few hours later, I jumped on my phone to see how things were looking. At that point, the hashtag was so busy it took me more than an hour just to get caught up with the retweets, and I had to give up on the following just to stay ahead. From that point, I just rolled for the next several hours, scanning blogs and retweeting links with my two Twitter accounts, and chattering as I was able. It was a lot of fun.

Sourcerer had a good day yesterday, but my personal blog, Just Gene’O picked up almost 40 referrals from Twitter, which is unheard of for me, and had its best day in a couple of months. As I was writing this, @Sourcererblog was up by a ton of followers from Sunday alone, and most of them are bloggers. I don’t manage my @JustGene’O account very closely for followers. It’s mostly there to establish that there’s a real person behind Sourcerer and to retweet my friends, but I am assuming it’s up as well and I’ll give a big bunch of followbacks with that account later this week.

Thanks to everyone who joined in with #SundayBlogShare this weekend, and thanks especially to those of you who showed up as a favor to me. I truly appreciate it. The early links and the late links that you guys shared were especially helpful, because the early ones kept the hashtag from being overwhelmed by non-blog content during the first few hours, and the late ones allowed me to extend the day.

The hosting was pretty hectic and it didn’t leave me much time to blog on Sunday. But it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and I’d do it again. Now that I’ve watched #SundayBlogShare closely for an entire day, I have a much better feel for the rhythm of it. I’m an even bigger fan of it now than I was before I hosted, and I hope to see all you friendly bloggers for it again next week.

17 thoughts on “Thanks, Bloggers, for all that #SundayBlogShare Love

  1. It was fun. Still trying to figure out how to keep my stuff straight. I decided to share my posts and do retweets every three hours or so (helps I was up at 2 AM then!) and limit my personal post share to three faves of the week. I am also trying my best to read before retweeting but of course that takes up even more time.

    Great job keeping us in line this weekend, you should do this again soon! 🙂

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    • Thanks. I am working on the retweet frequency myself. I felt like I was probably blowing up some peoples’ feeds yesterday. Ideally, I try and space my tweets (excluding replies) and retweets 10 minutes apart and only do two or three retweets at a go.


  2. OK, never heard of this before and am still not sure from your post how exactly it works for a blogger??? I don’t use Twitter much, but should, looks like. thanks


    • Share a link to a post to the hashtag (doesn’t have to be written or published that day – can be anything post you want to share. There are a few simple and easy rules which I will have to dig up for, but they boil down to only share blog posts and respect other people. Visit some blogs that catch your eye an retweet a few links. Use the activity to clown around and get to know other bloggers.

      Twitter is not great for attracting large numbers of readers unless you have a massive following, but it’s good for finding them in ones and twos, and great for interacting with bloggers as a community, even if you have a tiny following. The key for me was finding a few people to tweet with in the beginning. I’ve only been at it about a year myself.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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        • You’re welcome! Always happy to share what I know. Learning by trial and error takes a lot of time. I’m in the process of doing the same with this blog. Did it with my personal one back in August. Well, except for fixing the categories, which are an absolute mess.


  3. You did an awesome job! I still can’t believe how much it has grown in just six weeks… Can you imagine where it will be in a year!!! So glad you got something from it, and you did me a massive favour!

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  4. You did a great job! It’s hard enough keeping up with it as a follower, let alone as a host! I have also picked up followers and met lovely bloggers through it including you and your sister. Thanks for all your hard work.


  5. It’s been a lot of fun in just a few weeks and is amazing the amount of growth. Shows Suzie’s idea was right on which has just benefited the rest of us. I’m glad I found it and chose to participate. I think you did a great job.


    • Thanks very much! I’ve met tons of people through it already, and I was happy for the chance to be the host. That’s the biggest social media thing I have ever looked after.


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