You Still Have Tons of Time to Get in on #SundayBlogShare

I intended to have a social media post today. I’ve got a thing or two to say about what I have been doing on Facebook lately, because I think I’m on my way to making my account over there useful for supporting the blogs. That will have to wait, though, because I’m hosting #SundayBlogShare today. It’s going great, but my @sourcererblog account is so busy it’s taking most of my attention at the moment, and I am also doing retweets from my personal account.

If you’ve followed either of my Twitter accounts today, I’ll get around to following you back once the link-sharing madness is over. And speaking of that, you still have plenty of time to share links on the #SundayBlogShare hashtag and have a good chance of them being retweeted by me and possibly a few other bloggers. You can find the rules for the hashtag, along with some other Twitter activities for bloggers you might want to know about, here.

Thanks to Suzie81 for asking me to host. I’m having a blast, and the day isn’t over yet 🙂