6 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S5E07, “Crossed”

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  2. Your thoughts on Abraham were the first ones to run through my mind when that scene went down.

    I need to rewatch this episode, there was a lot of detail in this one that may come up tonight.


  3. But it bugged me that Sasha was so gullible and moved so close and was so free with her gun. After everything she’d been through? I don’t like when writers of any show make their characters dumber than they’ve been to date just to move the plot forward.


    • While I agree that the writers give us people making dumb decisions WAY too often, I’m inclined to give both them and Sasha a pass for this one, because they did go to some lengths to set up why she might be sympathetic both toward this character and the situation he was describing– keep in mind that she was just unable to kill her Bob a couple of episodes ago, so “Kill my friend for me” is going to resonate for her in a way it might not with other people.

      Plus, heck, “use my body as a battering ram and smash her into the window” took ME by surprise, so I can’t get too mad at her about it. 🙂


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