11 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S5E06, “Consumed”

  1. Agree on this being forgettable. I am one of the few (it seems, based on social media) who doesn’t care about Carol, but even without me feeling that way and this being a “her” episode… Eh.

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  3. I thought it was interesting how an episode involving three of my favorite characters (Carol, Daryl, and, to an extent, Beth) could bore me so much. I usually like the slow, character building ones, but I found this one rather dull. The best part was definitely the scene with the mother and child walkers in the shelter; that got me man. That got me.

    It seems they’re going to go to switching between groups from the preview? I hope so; I don’t like all these long stretches between factions.

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    • I don’t like the jumping around, either. There are too many groups, I think. I don’t like to go three weeks without seeing one of the main characters.


  4. The rain of zombies was definitely the highlight. I had the same thought about Noah getting the drop, and totally missed the fact that those people in the tents and sleeping bags were executed in their sleep.

    Carol getting hit by a car was disappointing. I was really hoping for C & D to storm the place by themselves.


  5. Every episode with Darryl just makes his character more interesting and intriguing. I feel like he’s the most mysterious, we know a little about what he went through when he was young but it seems like there’s much more to him. His character definitely has the most depth. That being said, I just think the writing is kind of lame on this season. It started off SO intense at Terminus. And since then… just, blah. I still look forward to it every Sunday, but if this was my first time watching it, this season? I wouldn’t be continuing.


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