15 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S5E05, “Self-Help”

  1. Yeah, it was dolphin smooth. Darn Talking Dead confirmed and got that freaking trending on twitter for a bit.

    OK, that theory about his family and him makes sense. I was wondering why she would leave, with the kids,and say don’t look for us. If it was shame because she was raped, I don’t know if she would have just done that but who knows. Your explanation makes a lot of sense.

    I also agree that it wasn’t the cure, but the idea that maybe something so far fetched could be an option even if Eugene wasn’t the one to save the day when they got to DC.

    I guessed before that Tyrese beat Terminus guy hard enough to have him die and I was wrong. I think Eugene may be dead, in a coma, or very much damaged.

    I also wondered about the Maggie/pregnant thing, which explains why she is desperate for a cure first vs. finding Beth after what happened with what’s her name. You know, that one lady? Um, yeah.

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    • He’s definitely not dead, although the group seems to think he is for a moment– you can see him breathing and maybe coughing a bit when they roll him over. Whether he’ll be functional enough to move around for a while is an open question, though.

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      • I figured he may end up dying, skull fracture or such. I guess we’ll see! I’ve been wrong every other time so it’s all good 🙂


  2. I enjoyed this episode until Eugene admitted that he doesn’t have the cure. That was just too obvious, too easy. I dunno….It’s like I’ve been watching his dodgy-ness about explaining anything and his growing discomfort with the increasing awareness that he knows nothing. I wish there’d been some other resolution to his story, but I do like the way the show told it, including handling the utter impossibility of him knowing what to do by having him as Abraham’s lifeline—Abraham has to have known, somewhere inside, that Eugene wasn’t what he said he was. But he needed some reason to move on, and Eugene was the best he had.

    And I did really love the moments with Tara that you highlighted, and I think the blood on Abraham’s hands motif actually works, something that is so cliche and old-hat that I didn’t really expect it to.

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    • While this episode made me like him a lot more, I feel like Eugene is a character that probably should have been altered a LOT from his comics version in order to work, and he’s basically ripped from the page. A lot of his weirdness and tics are much more pronounced on-screen than they ever would be on the page, and the reveal of his lies was handled differently, too. He’s sort of broken as a character because they’ve stuck too close to a version of him that won’t translate as well. I’d have preferred TV Eugene to be a bit smoother; it’s hard to believe that THIS guy could ever convince anyone of much of anything, and he doesn’t seem all that smart– he’s just got a big vocabulary that he uses inappropriately.

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  3. (Oh, I should say, I almost skipped this episode until this week’s rerun because I didn’t like the Beth-themed one the prior week. So glad I ended up watching anyway.)

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    • I needed this week to be a good episode after the expositionfest that was two episodes ago and last week’s ridiculousness. Have high hopes for tonight’s episode; they should have trouble screwing up a Daryl/Carol-centric episode, I hope. 🙂

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      • I have high hopes for it. The Beth episode is what threw me off, but I will forget it happened. Like the first several episodes of season 3.

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  4. These posts are awesome. I am so glad I caught up on this series when I did. I agree with you that the bus bursting into flames seems like intentional comedy (and it worked!). Can’t wait for tonight.

    I am so glad you went ahead and scheduled this. I rolled over at 3 pm yesterday and went “oh shit, what about that Walking Dead review?”

    My uber-organized way of doing things is pretty much in shambles at the moment. It’s amazing how quickly this blog thing got away from me. Back now, I think. Well enough go back to work this week, and strangely, it seems as though it’s actually easier to keep the blogs running when I am also working the day job.


    • I have scrupulously followed the “never hit publish” rule, but I figured that unless you want that 11 am timeslot changed there’s no reason to not schedule it myself. If anything changes I’m sure you’ll let me know. 🙂


      • Absolutely. I’m good with you scheduling in agreed-upon timeslots. The “never hit publish” was about me getting a look at your first two posts and keeping enough flexibility in the schedule to juggle TWD and the last few Doctor Who posts.


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