10 thoughts on “RECAPLET: The Walking Dead S5E04, “Slabtown”

  1. I was kind of hoping that the Terminus cannibals would end up eating Eugene (this hope was from a few episodes ago.)

    Gareth: Nothing personal, mullet-head, but we’re going to eat you.

    Eugene: You can’t eat me. I know how to stop the zombies and bring back society.

    Gareth: That’s nice. But we’re cannibals. There’s no place for cannibals in your polite society. So I think we’ll just eat you.

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  2. So, here’s where our paths intersect again, it seems. I spoke prematurely over the weekend when I said I was back. That flu turned into pneumonia, so I’ve been too foggy to even read for the past couple of days. Still sick but more alert now, and have managed to get caught up on this season, which means I can discuss these reviews, So yay!

    My thought on this episode was that it was a bloody, but mightily entertaining, waste of screen time. Right up to the moment they wheeled Carol in. Given the way things have gone so far, I just assumed she was only pretending to be unconscious and that she and Darryl are infiltrating the hospital because Beth was taken by someone in one of those vehicles with the white cross. I figured the next time we see the hospital, it’ll be a flashback that shows what happened to D. and Carol while they were gone.

    Couldn’t agree more about the dumbassess three. This week, I was just wanting to be watching some other apocalypse survivors. And there’s a reason I don’t answer to Eugene, lol.


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