12 thoughts on “REVIEWCAP: The Walking Dead S5E03, “Four Walls and a Roof”

  1. I was OK with Gareth “monologing” because he is the type that just loves to hear himself talk, I figured.

    I knew that Father Wire was going to freak over the mess in the church but would have no compunction locking the parishioners out.

    THANK YOU for my irk with the Bob-wound. How would that have not been obvious? That’s why I thought he was only scratched, if hurt at all. Darn continuity/suspension of disbelief issues.

    My favorite line was “It’s OK guys, we cooked it.” I wonder when the FDA issued those guidelines, or are we assuming zomibism is the same as e.coli or salmonella?


    • I actually wasn’t all that annoyed with the talking until the second watch-through. And even then it probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I wasn’t sitting there wondering how many long speeches were lifted straight from the comics. Dirty little secret about Robert Kirkman: he’s actually not a very good writer on a page-by-page level. He’s great at setting and plot and that carries him. (Ironclad proof: read one of the novels. Granted, Jay Bonansinga’s name is on those, too, and I assume he does most of the writing, but they’re SO BAD that it drags my estimation of Kirkman’s work down because he’s willing to let that crap go out with his name on it.)

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    • Bob’s injury would have definitely been noticed, and how he got bit irked me as well. They knew there were walkers down there, and they weren’t observant enough to notice the bubbles coming up through the water? He let his guard down st the wrong time.

      And I don’t know if you’ve watched all of the seasons, but there is something that partly helps with the zombism, but after the CDC Rick reveals that everyone is already infected, and that’s why they turn after dying regardless of being bitten or not. Since Bob was still alive, the meat wasn’t rotting and the virus doesn’t really activate until after death, so consumption of ‘tainted meat’ shouldn’t be a worry.

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      • First of all, you’ve been caught in moderation for a few days, so sorry about that. 🙂 Second– I agree that the cannibobs probably didn’t have anything to worry about, especially since things like zombie body fluids have never been shown to be dangerous on this show. Bites and scratches are pretty much it. But I’d still freak out if I realized I was eating someone who had been bitten. Have you read the Newsflash series by Mira Grant by any chance? I like the “amplification” theory of how zombie viruses work, and I feel like it applies to TWD pretty well.


      • (And there wouldn’t have been bubbles, as zombies don’t breathe, but they KNEW that zombie was down there. They’d just knocked a shelving unit on top of it. Which is actually WORSE.)


      • That was my thought too, after I made the crack about salmonella on Twitter: If they all have the “virus” in them and it’s dormant until they die, then what does it matter?

        I do wonder now if Eugene knows anything. Also, the preview for next week shows Abraham falling to his knees on the ground. In the “this season” preview earlier, he was in a similar position and crying in a quick moment.

        I am kind of ticked we have to wait possibly ANOTHER week to catch up with the gang at the church. I guess that’s how they keep us watching, right? 🙂


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  3. Shish-ka-Bob – that’s got to be my favourite…nice work on fitting so many puns about Bob’s predicament 🙂 I’m new to Walking Dead – I actually started mid way through last season, and only continued watching it because I wanted to know what happened to Beth…it seems I’ll soon to find out!

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    • Yep– and I’m really excited about next episode because I have absolutely no idea where they’re going with it. For my money, this show is at its best when it ISN’T taking storylines from the comics, and Beth’s predicament, at least for right now, appears to be entirely unique to the show. Beth herself, in fact, is a TV-only character.


      • I didn’t realise that, but then I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of the comics 🙂 It’s good in one way – so there’s nothing to compare it to…no disappointment, so to speak!


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