One more thing before I go


Even though I said my Saturday Coffee post would be my last until I return from vacation, I can’t leave without announcing that Jeremy, the author of our most popular post, “Is Batman A Marvel Character Trapped in the DC Universe?” publishes his final post of 2014 on Wednesday. (I also owe Diana a Doctor Who review before I go, and I’m going to try my best to get that out.)

Without Jeremy’s help, we wouldn’t be planning this blog six months in advance and recruiting contributors right now. If you enjoyed his seven-month run of of weekly Batman posts and his comics recommendations, you want to look in here on Wednesday. As of now, Jeremy’s planning to return for the spring, and he is just as good with other comics as he is with Batman.code_seal_mar1955

We’re not posting on Monday or Tuesday this week. I’ve stirred things up a bit and  thrown a ton of ideas out into the blogosphere over the past ten days. I want to let things settle while I am on vacation and see where we are when I return.

We’ll have Batman on Wednesday, American Horror Story from Diana on Thursday, and take Friday off unless I decide to load a little weekend music. We will wrap up the week with a Walking Dead/Doctor who double feature from Luther and Will on Saturday. I promise not to publish the Doctor Who review at 2:30 a.m. like I did yesterday.

David is taking this week off, but he will be back. Give Comparative Geeks some love in the meantime. That’s the first blog aside from Part Time Monster I ever linked to. It’s one of only two blogs I’ve given guest posts to. David and Holly are awesome bloggers.

Other stuff:ninja

  • #SundayBlogShare is happening right this minute on Twitter. Sharing links on Twitter isn’t going to get you a lot of reads, but it might make you a friend or two.
  • I’m pretty sure we have a new contributor, but working out details and thinking about how to do the announcement up right. It might be awhile before we’re ready to go with it. I am also talking to three other interested bloggers. Thank you, Taylor Grace, for sharing the call for contributors.
  • I’ll be completely out of touch on Thursday, but from that point on, my vacation requires a lot of standing in line. So I’ll have pretty good visibility from the mobile and tons of free time. Those of you who have email and DM connections will be seen when you send me messages, but keep in mind that every form of text communication from the phone is laborious.
  • The world domination jokes were a hit last week, so have another 🙂

If this is your go-to blog and you’d like to try a new one out this week, take a look at Write On, Sisters! They are some fabulous bloggers, especially if you’re into writing. I met them during last year’s A to Z Challenge, and we’ve managed to stay in touch and make friends. I don’t link to them much here, so you may not be aware of them.

Have a great week, all. I’m off to share some links on Twitter.