12 thoughts on “REVIEWCAP: The Walking Dead S5E02, “Strangers”

  1. So many theories I have been going through since the episode, but I haven’t read the comics so I don’t know what is speculation and what is actually possible.

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      • OK, about Bob breaking down and everything after:

        1. He was just stressed out since it was his second close call, his girlfriend had to rescue him and everyone around him was drinking.

        2. Like above, except he had been scratched, so he knew what was going to happen next (I don’t agree with this theory unless scratches infect slower; remember how what’s his name in season 1 reacted? Bob isn’t acting “sick” yet)

        3. That Bob knows Gareth and gang somehow. We know he had drifted between groups, had killed a person because “they asked him to”, and not much else. He may not have realized Gareth and the group were the ones at Terminus or he wouldn’t have agreed to go there, but if he was with them before maybe he knew they were cannibalisitc or at the very least unhinged.

        That would also explain the “ironic that it’s you” and “you can’t go back” comments from Gareth. Maybe also why he allowed Bob to even try to speak at the trough.

        And I guess you were right, Tyrese didn’t kill what’s his name, though on Talking Dead it was implied that he certainly thought he had.

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        • I’d forgotten the drinking angle; you’re right that that could have something to do with it. While I’d love for your third point to be the case, I don’t think it is, only because Bob had to tell Gareth his name in the premiere.

          One important detail: Bob’s a TV-only character, much like T-Dog and Daryl. While it does seem like he’s standing in for a character from the comics, we can’t really predict what’s going to happen to him yet based on the books.


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  3. I haven’t read the comics, but I fully intend to read them once I have some spare time for reading non-academic works again. I have enjoyed the show, even with all of its inconsistencies, since the first episode. This was a weirdly plotted episode, but really enjoyable all the same. Sometimes the muddiness works, and this episode seemed like one of those times.

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  4. I don’t even watch the show, but I read and like your reviews. Favorite part: “Rick talks to Carl about how he’s never safe, ever.”

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  5. I have GOT to get caught up on this show. In other news, accidentally scheduled the afternoon post today for 2:30 in the morning, dammit. Just in case anyone is wondering why I published a Doctor Who review in the wee hours of the morning.

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  6. I should have also said, I am studying your blogging style pretty closely. Especially the rhetorical part of it. You’ve got grab.

    I’m no good on the page unless I am talking to bloggers about building a big-ass network or there is something dramatic going on. 🙂

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