This Space for Rent

For the low, low price of 250+ words accompanied by one or more shareable images per day.

Unless you’re running a hugely successful blog, this might actually be worth something to you if it’s the right fit. I’m looking to add a blogger or two before the end of the year. I’ve hesitated to post open invitations up to this point because we haven’t had much to offer, but now we have something to offer. We’re a credible pop culture blog with a small but growing audience. Our readers love television and comics, and I think they’d like movies and gaming, too. If you’d like to write about television, movies, or gaming here, I’m open to discussing it.

Possibly the first Jolly Roger every documented by the British Navy. (Hooray for the public domain, right?). I have taken it as my banner. Flock to my banner . . . ple-e-e-a-a-se?

Permission to come aboard, matey! 😉

What you get out to of the deal:

  1. A Monday or Tuesday A.M. posting slot.
  2. Links to your posts shared on Sourcerer’s social media.
  3. An opportunity to link to your own blog and one or two of your other social media accounts every time you post.
  4. An announcement a few days before we run your first post.
  5. Occasional opportunities to get to know other bloggers during things like my Social Saturday tweet-and-pinfests.
  6. Guaranteed attention from me on Twitter (if you’re active there) and Facebook (if you have a fanpage).


  • Must have enough experience blogging that I can look at your work, make an informed decision about whether it’s appropriate for our readers, and trust you with access to our dashboard. Creativity, humor, and a distinctive blogging style are a plus.
  • Must agree to minimal and reasonable policies (content must be SFW, must communicate if you aren’t going to get a post in on time, no copyright infringement, etc.)
  • Must be able to deliver posts that require minimal editing. I scan for typos, help with art when necessary, check tags, etc. That’s about all I’m willing to do as an editor at this point.

Ideally, I’d like to add one blogger who can post weekly, but I’m open to fortnightly and monthly arrangements.

Interested? Comment on this thread, or contact me in whatever way works best for you.