14 thoughts on “RECAPVIEW: The Walking Dead S5E01, “No Sanctuary”

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  2. 1. I think I am the only person who does not LOVE Carol IDK. I don’t hate her, but still.

    2. That makes sense about the gunshots and the timeline.

    3. Someone else speculated that Tyreese did not kill the guy because he didn’t let Carol go in the shack; I think you hit on my theory. He didn’t want anyone to see what his rage ended up coming to since he is so passive up to this point.

    4. This show is turning into a reunion of “The Wire”. Not that I mind.

    5. Certainly Michonne has to find another katana along the way? It just won’t be the same with a gun with her.

    6. I didn’t catch that the first victim was that guy until days later. Crazy that he is on Gotham now (which I need to catch up on this weekend)

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  3. Haven’t seen it yet, but awesome review. I can’t wait to see badass Carol, and I’m sure you’re probably right about them killing her off now.


  4. The beginning was almost too much for me. When they were cutting up a body with a saw… I was seriously creeped out. And apparently it was Gareth’s brother! (I watched an after the show special that interviewed the director and one of the producers).

    Carol has turned into a bad ass. And you’re probably right about them offing her. And what is up with Eugene? I haven’t been able to figure out some of the casting choices. Him and the orange haired Schwarzenegger type who’s protecting him. And <<<his girlfriend.Is it deliberately bad acting? Is it that they're trying to keep the show a little campy?


    • I was wondering why they lingered on the guy’s face for so long– to my mind, it looked like Rick. I don’t know of any way for us to watch Talking Dead, unfortunately, or I’d watch that every week too.

      Eugene and Abraham and Rosita may as well have been pulled straight from the comics as far as their casting; Rosita doesn’t get enough lines for me to comment on her acting, but Abraham and especially Eugene grate on me. If they follow the arc from the comics they have interesting things coming, though.


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