American Horror Story Freak Show “Massacres and Matinees” Review

The second episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show This week, the show ups the ante when Twisty gets a Dandy companion and two new members–three-breasted hermaphrodite Desiree Dupree (Angela Basset) and strongman Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis)–join Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

The focus of “Massacres and Matinees” still seems very much on the comparison between the townspeople and the members of the freak show. The freak show is also a family, though, at least a makeshift one, and the show’s writers seem bent on testing the boundaries of that family as it is contrasted with the familial relationship between Gloria and Dandy Mott (who we got to see in terrifying Technicolor this week).

The cold-opening is a fantastic moment of tension—a short conversation, a tiny tin toy robot tracking blood, a 360 degree turn of a toy store full of vintage Halloween decor, and Twisty standing there, waiting. It’s a fantastic visual story, the kind that American Horror Story has thrived on over its past few seasons. The show is good at spectacle; it’s good at visual storytelling. And this week there were lots of stories to tell: (This is the part with spoilers!)



Twisty and Dandy:

Horror has a new odd couple.

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