Weekend Music, With Thanks!



I may¬†be back in business. You might have noticed I published a Top Ten Tuesday and a Banned Book post this week, plus a Feminist Friday at Part Time Monster today. ¬†I’ll have a coffee post at Just Gene’O tomorrow for sure, and I have an idea for a Sunday social media post which shouldn’t take long to write. It looks like I’ll even have time to pin¬†and tweet¬†tomorrow afternoon. We’ll also have a Doctor Who review from Will here tomorrow and one from me at the Monster next week.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through the rough patch. And thanks, especially, to Will and to David  for keeping Sourcerer in posts for the last few weeks. You guys have my undying gratitude.

Unless something entirely unforseen happens, I should be back to answering comments this weekend, and the photoblogging should start back up in earnest next week. Once that’s done, it’ll be time to wake up my @justgeneo Twitter account, build some new webpages for our “Collected Works” archive, ¬†and think about what to do with my Tumblr page, which has been dark and silent long enough now to be ready for the reboot.

Peace and love to all!