I promised you an announcement about the comics posts today, so here it is.

Jeremy’s working on a Batman post to cap the awesome eight-month run he’s had with that. I haven’t properly updated this page yet, but I will soon, and it has tons of good stuff already.

David and I both have ideas about where to go from here with the comics. Jeremy’s last post will go when it’s ready and not a moment before, because we’re writers first. We insist on quality.

So, look for a post from Jeremy here soon. Look for a more specific announcement, and perhaps even a comics post from either me or David, next week.

This is the best we can do right now. By the time this publishes, I’ll be standing in front of a room full of people talking to them. That is only about eight hours away. I’m going to try and load a Wordless Wednesday for Part Time Monster and then it’s off to bed for me.

Catch you this evening. I’m on Central Time.