Blog Traffic and Engagement: Quick and Easy Edition

Today I have a reminder and an idea to float.

The reminder: I’m having a linkup at Just Gene’O, my new-and-improved personal blog. All you have to do to join in is drop an “If We Were Having Coffee” post on my thread over there. I’ll read, comment on, and tweet links to the posts I didn’t get to yesterday starting around 2 p.m. Eastern Time. I’ll also pin them to this board. That’s about 5 hours from now. I’m not going to totally shut down the thread, but once I’m done sharing today, I can’t make any promises about when I’ll read or share the late submissions.

The idea: Facebook. Those of us with fanpages should figure out a way to get together on Facebook some weekend and interact as our fanpages. I’d love to brainstorm about that if anyone’s interested. I don’t have a fully-formed idea yet, but there has to be some way to do it. The number of people who were willing to write coffee posts and share the links with me tells me there must be a way.

That’s all. Happy Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Blog Traffic and Engagement: Quick and Easy Edition

    • I still get a number of clickthroughs to blog posts, but that’s just about the only thing I ever post over there. It seems like the links that WP auto-generates get seen more often than direct posts for some reason.

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      • I’ve very rarely gotten the click-throughs that way. Nearly ever time we’ve gotten good referrals from Facebook have been when we shared things to our personal timelines and aggressively tagged people who we thought would be interested.

        I’ve been thinking the way to build a fan page might be to take one that’s only being updated from WordPress a couple of times per week and manually share things like images and memes with links. Publicizing to the fan pages from the blogs doesn’t seem to do any good. I’ve always assumed it’s because Facebook does such weird things with the images it pulls.


    • I’m wondering that myself, have been for awhile. I’ve pretty much been publicizing and forgetting about it for months because it’s so hard to get people to follow the fan pages and they get so few looks.


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