Fall Preview and Revised Social Media Strategy

This post is to let you know what to expect from Sourcerer over the next couple of months. The next month is the busiest time of the year for me offline, and I can already tell  our views are going to take a hit this month. That’s not unexpected. If you’ll recall, I predicted a month ago that we’d have a down month in July or August. It’s been a phenomenal summer, but fall is upon me even though the weather hasn’t changed yet.selfportrait1

Since I don’t have time to blog all-out for the next month, I’m going to focus on reorganizing my social media (which I’ve already started doing) and on keeping up with other bloggers. That means one post per day, except on weeks when I have too many contributions to keep it to one a day. It also means I won’t be doing many long-form written posts of my own here.

I’m engaged to blog about the new season of Doctor Who for Part Time Monster, I am in the process of rebooting my own blog, Just Gene’O, and I want to do some posting for Quaint Jeremys Thoughts. I’ve always considered myself the administrator of this blog rather than the owner. I’m willing to allow it to stand or fall based on the quality of the contributions we’re able to publish. At minimum, though, I’ll make sure it’s updated with photoblogs, music videos, and open threads while I’m reorganizing. Basically, I’ll keep it flowing until everyone has time to contribute again.

A quick status update on the features you’re accustomed to seeing here:

Feminist Friday — I don’t know that I’ll be ready to start it back up this week. The consensus of the people I collaborate closely with on this feature seems to be that I need to do a review/restart post at the Monster before we begin the next round. I’m in agreement, but I have to find the time to review the last six weeks of discussions and write the post. That’s unlikely to happen by Friday. These discussions will be back, though, and in the meantime, I’ll promote Feminist Friday posts for other bloggers if I’m given enough lead time to do it.

Sunday/Monday Blogging Posts — On hold for two or three weeks. This one will also come back because it’s the most popular thing aside from photoblogging, that I, personally, do. I enjoy writing specifically for bloggers and I love it when people tell me the info in those posts was helpful. Long-term, it’s not going anywhere.

Weekend Coffee Posts — Rather than doing these exclusively on Saturdays, I’ll do them on the day that makes the most sense. On some weeks, that could mean Monday mornings Eventually, they’ll  move back to Just Gene’O.

Photoblogging — I’ll be doing quite a bit of it here over the next couple weeks, but as soon as it’s feasible, I’m cutting Sourcerer back to one photos a week and doing most of my photoblogging at Just Gene’O, Part Time Monster, and Quaint Jeremy’s Thoughts.

If you’re collaborating with me or following on several social media networks, you want to read the rest of this, but have a great week, whether you read the rest or not 🙂 It’s been a fabulous summer, and I appreciate all the stop-bys, likes, comments, and links. thanks

An Update on my Social Media Reorganization

This isn’t the sort of thing that can be done all at once. As long as I’m finished by  Jan. 2, I’ll be satisfied. From here on out, until I find a sure-and-easy source of traffic, my heavy blogging season runs from Jan. 2 to July 4. I should have taken my foot off the accelerator and reorganized in July, really; but we were having such a good month and our contributors were producing so much, I decided to let it play out.

My priorities through the end of the year:

  1. Keep Part Time Monster and Sourcerer posting every day, even if that means just posting photos during weeks when it’s all I can do.
  2. Maintain the relationships I’ve built with other bloggers over the past nine months, and help you guys out as much as I can with your various projects.
  3. Keep the Feminist Fridays alive.
  4. Do what I can to help Jeremy get his blog humming.
  5. Get Just Gene’O established on WordPress and preserve as much of my following from the old blog as I can.
  6. Be ready to go all-out with the social media growth on January 2 and have a couple of guest blogging gigs lined up for May and June  by then.

Nothing else matters. If I can just do these things, we’ll be in fine shape for 2015. Here’s my new strategy to get all this done and not lose too much ground during the the next  four months.

  • Just Gene’O and Google Plus are the new center of my personal network. If you’re coordinating with me in chat or groups on Facebook, I’ll continue to do that, but I’m not expanding my presence there any more until I find a way to build a big fanpage.
  • I’ve made a lot of the info on my G+ profile publicly available again, and I’ll start sharing and liking things over there soon. G+ is a younger, more open network. It has fewer users and provides the same collaboration tools we get with Facebook.  Given the way I use Facebook, this move makes sense, and  it will work.
  • Just Gene’O will never be an everyday blog. Once it’s set up properly, I’ll blog photos there and only post written work when I have something to say. Now that I have a true personal blog rather than a writing blog, Sourcerer is out of the social commentary business. From here on out, this is a pure pop culture blog. All the social commentary that’s been published here so far has been by me. I’m willing to post that stuff on my personal blog and just link to it here, so that’s what I’m planning to do.
  • I’m growing @Sourcererblog on Twitter again. I’ll wake up @justgeneo sometime in September and start growing it from whatever following I have left.Twitter-icon-the-bird
  • As soon as I am able, I’m disconnecting my Tumblr page from the blogs, redesigning it, and connecting it to Just Gene’O only. That means it will only update automatically a few times a week. I’ll use it to interact with those of you who have Tumblr pages. My principle strategic goal for 2015 is to crack Tumblr the same way I cracked Twitter this year and bring as many bloggers along with me as I can. I think it’s doable.
  • I’m building a Pinterest account. This will take awhile, but I’m looking to have enough boards to roll it out in January. If you’re on Pinterest and we interact elsewhere, you should follow me or find some other way to let me know you’re there.
  • I’m sharing things on StumbleUpon a few times a week, hoping to eventually get my account to the point where it’s worth something. StumbleUpon is potentially powerful, but the rules about self-promotion are strict. This is another one that will take awhile, but I’m following a good dozen bloggers who either comment on or contribute to blogs I’m involved with. I’ve got what I need to give it a go, but it may be April or May before my efforts there pay off.
  • Reddit is the one major network where I have no presence whatsoever. I’m planning to join, be a good citizen for a few months, and go from there. If you’re active on Reddit or have any information that might be helpful to a Reddit n00b, I’d appreciate a comment.  Any amount of info will be helpful. I know only what I’ve read on their policy pages.
  • I have a Deviant Art account that I was using for a while to ask people for permission to use their images. I could reactivate that and share my photos there. I could also set up an Instagram account since I have a mobile that makes that network useful. Should I bother with either of those?

Feedback, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated. I started on social media from nothing last October. Everything I know I’ve learned from research or from people giving me advice. I want a huge network. I feel like I can build one and manage it, but I can’t do it without the feedback.

In case you don’t know, I also have a reblog site, The Mighty Trebuchet, which is sleeping for now. And since my old blog will soon have a static front page and be done posting original content forever, that gives me the potential to reblog four to six posts per day once we get through the year and I actually have time for such things 🙂

Thanks for sticking with this to the end.

11 thoughts on “Fall Preview and Revised Social Media Strategy

    • You’re welcome! I do my best to let people know what to expect. when the schedule changes in a fundamental way for more than a week, people need to know that.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how things go integrating the other social media, as well. Trying to find synergies and take advantage of them. I just love to interact with the same people on multiple networks. It’s so cool!


    • thanks very much! Fortunately, I’m a bit of a long-term planner and an willing to ride periods that look like reversals out without losing confidence in my ability to do the planning.

      No idea how it will go, but I’m very interested to see how it plays out.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good idea. As long as we’re ready to ramp it back up with improved blogs by by Jan 2, we’re good. A to Z can be awesome for us next year.

      Just looking at my new blog, I’m thinking this one needs a redesign, too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s apparently approaching lunchtime, because my brain has stopped processing beyond being able to make note that you’re doing a lot of changes, and I should probably pay more attention because some of them look like good things to think about! So I’ll revisit this post when I have a functioning (or at least, slightly more functioning) brain. In the meantime, good luck with all the changes — and with keeping afloat during the busy non-blogging time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks! Lots to process here, so I understand. I’m interested to see how the keeping afloat works out. I’m hoping to stay above our February numbers here through November (December is just a big ol’ crapshoot).

      We’ll have a better idea about what my photos are really worth by Thanksgiving.


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