Open Thread, Suzie81 edition

I’ve got no prompt today, so I’ll just thank a few bloggers for a linkup experience that’s been the highlight of my blogging week. Suzie81 posted a series of questions and asked other bloggers to answer them either on her thread or in a post and drop her the link. It’s a sort of community experiment.

Part Time Monster found it in her reader and ran with it at about the same time Suzie was shooting me the link. So of course I had to join in. I love stuff like this, especially if they involve answering questions. It’s like doing an interview. I posted my response late last night to be sure my link made it onto the thread before the deadline. EclecticAlli saw my post and posted her own answers not long after.  This morning, I woke to discover that Winter Bayne, Hannah of Things MatterNerd in the BrainApple Pie and Napalm and Not a Punk Rocker have also decided to get in on the fun.

It’s cool when linkups work out this well 🙂

Chatter away about anything at all on this thread, as long as you’re nice 😉 and have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Open Thread, Suzie81 edition

  1. I enjoyed the linkup too, eventually I will finish getting around to all of the responses.

    Priorities first though…gotta decide when we want to see Guardians of the Galaxy again 🙂

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  2. It was very cool to see connections begin to fly 🙂
    So tempting to chatter away about something, since my evening plans just got canceled and I have an evening of writing or blog-organizing now awaiting me… But, I will refrain because I don’t really have anything exciting to chatter about just now.


    • I’m doing the same this evening. Fighting the urge to pin and tweet all those posts tonight, because that will do way more good tomorrow.

      So, blog organizing and writing for me, I guess.

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    • 🙂 It’s useful. If I link to you again and add the tag, it SHOULD add this post to the related content.

      also, now I can go and add a Nerd In the Brain tag to my reader and check it occasionally to see if anyone else is tagging you 😉


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