Daisy after a Rain

© Gene'O 2014

© Gene’O 2014

One of the first photos I took with the camera on my new phone.  As you can see from the color and texture here, the phone camera produces higher-quality images than the one I’ve been using. It’s more difficult to line up shots and get good ones with the phone, though, so I’ll probably use a combination of the two until I can pick up a better camera.

10 thoughts on “Daisy after a Rain

  1. Great shot, Sourcerer! I need a new phone & can’t wait to see what kind of images I can capture. I feel pretty lucky with the pictures my present one gets, but you have me really excited about getting a new one! Thank you!

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  2. Don’t be modest, you do great things with the angle and lighting. Your choice of subject is impressive, also. Guess everyone already knew I am a fan.


    • Hehe, thanks 🙂

      Years ago — so long ago it’t like another lifetime — someone told me that anything can be a good photo if you look at it from the right angle.

      Since I got back into this, I see images everywhere now.


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