‘How I built a social media network in eight months’

In case you missed my announcement last week, this is my first ever guest blog. It explains how I’m using various social media at the moment. I’m reblogging it today in lieu of the usual Sunday blogging post. If you enjoy my Sunday articles, you should take a few minutes to explore Jessica’s blog. 🙂

Social Media

How I built a social media network in eight months

By Gene’O Gordon

Last summer, I started discussing the possibility of setting up a collaborative blog with a few friends. Over the course of three or four months, my sister, Diana, signed on and we went from talking to planning to designing blogs. We kicked off three WordPress blogs in November. We decided that if we were going blog we wanted real audiences. We didn’t want to put the time and energy into maintaining blogs if they were only going to be read by a dozen of our friends. We decided the way to do that was to build a cross-platform social media network.

The problem with that was, we didn’t have a very large social media presence. Most of us were only active on Facebook with 150 or so followers each at that point, with a handful of other…

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© Gene’O 2014