Open Thread: It feels like August!

I’m a little late with this today. I just got busy.

I’ll be back to catch up on the WordPress and Twitter happenings after I mash a few potatoes, cook some greens, and drink four beers while I’m doing it.

What’s on your mind this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Open Thread: It feels like August!

    • That is a very good question. I have no idea, because I haven’t seen it and I also haven’t followed the comic. They’re like mythical figures to me. I’d think the movie would be easy enough to follow. I have to think that the producers of the film are taking the fact that not all that many people are up on them into consideration.

      Probably will depend on how much you know about the Marvel Universe and all the other Marvel Movies, is my intuition on that.


      • …yeah I’m not really up to date on any of them. But I like the look (and name) of Rocket Raccoon, and then there’s the tree guy — how awesome is that?! (He is a tree, isn’t he?) He reminds me of the Doctor Who audiobook “Day of the Troll” which features a “troll” who is basically a cluster intelligence / consciousness in a mass of plant matter. Intelligent plant life. How cool.

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  1. I’ve had way too much coffee in the past three days. I know better than to do this, quitting coffee was the best thing I ever did to deal with anxiety, but I just like coffee and my writing output is so much more impressive when I drink it, so I guess this is my artistic vice or something.

    Also I want some Doritos.

    (You mentioned food and now that’s what’s on my mind… 🙂 )

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    • Lol.

      I quit coffee for awhile and eventually I adjusted, but you are right. It does improve the output. You just think faster with coffee.

      I never want Doritos. I’ll eat them if they’re just sitting around, but never go for them. Pringles and beef jerky are my junk foods of choice.


      • I never did like the texture of Pringles, or trying to get them out of the tube. Except last November a friend of mine made me taste the pecan pie flavored ones and they actually tasted awesome and it was super strange, lol.


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