Open Thread: It feels like August!

I’m a little late with this today. I just got busy.

I’ll be back to catch up on the WordPress and Twitter happenings after I mash a few potatoes, cook some greens, and drink four beers while I’m doing it.

What’s on your mind this weekend?

Weekend Music: Imagine Dragons (acoustic).

I intended to reblog today’s Feminist Friday post at The Lobster Dance first thing this morning, but Diana reblogged it at Part Time Monster a few minutes ago, so I’ll just go ahead post the weekend music for now. You should seriously check out Leah’s post, which is about gendered marketing to adults and uses personal care items like soaps and deodorants as examples. I’m hoping for a good discussion this week.

I was searching¬†for something else on YouTube when I discovered this. I think it’s seriously cool, and since we had a post about Imagine Dragons yesterday, I can’t resist it. It’s all voices and strings. What’s better than that?