If We Were Having Coffee . . .

. . . I’d tell you I slept in today and rolled out of bed at 11 without having written this post or loaded the Silent Saturday. That’s not a big deal, though. I’ve noticed that Saturday readers tend to be afternoon readers, at least according to my local time.

I’d tell you I just realized that my monthly telephone bill has increased six-fold. I’ve been using an analog prepaid phone for years, and because I hate talking on the phone, I’ve been getting by with $10 a month for prepaid minutes. Now I have a real phone coffeewith a very reasonable plan, but that’s still a six-fold increase. On the plus side, I can sit on my porch and read blogs without having to haul a computer outside 🙂

I’d tell you it’s almost time for school to start, and my little grandson is not happy about that. I’m hoping to take most of a week off from work before it starts and spend a lot of time with him. We’ve had a great summer, and his interest in reading has really taken off. We’ve managed to stick with The Hobbit and we’re reading the Gollum chapter now.

And I’d tell you that Just Gene’O continues to pick up followers, despite the fact it’s more or less shut down for an overhaul. It often gains more followers in a day than this blog. That’s inexplicable to me. I’m planning to throw some ideas out about the overhaul in a few minutes.

I don’t have much else to talk about this week. I’ve been super-busy with work, which I can’t talk about on the blog, so I haven’t had time for many interesting things to happen. I might mention that I’m planning to write about Doctor Who this fall at Part Time Monster, though. I’m putting my Tolkien series over there on hiatus for the Doctor Who season, but I’m planning to do occasional shorter, lighter posts about Tolkien here during the fall.

And I’d ask you what you got up to this week.


2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . .

  1. It’s Sunday morning and I AM having coffee – well-deserved because I put my 3 girls and my 10-yr-old nephew to bed at 11:30 last night after a day at Six Flags Great Adventure. I woke up to a small girl yelling “doggies do not breath fire! Mommy, can you fix this?” and dumping an intricately tangled puppy marionette on my head. But my husband was already up and making Belgian waffles from scratch…so no complaints here. Enjoy your weekend!


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