Open Thread 4

As always, feel free to ask me questions, comment on our blogging here, or share things about your week. Anything is fair game, as long as it’s not mean.

I picked up a real phone today. A smart one. I’ve been using a prepaid analog phone for the last 5 years because I was underemployed for most of 2011-13 and rarely use a voice phone unless I am in the office. I have a good job now. I put this off as long as I could, trying to get caught up (it takes a while to recover from a long period of underemployment), but I decided it was time to have unlimited text and be able to browse the Internet whenever I feel like it.

What’ s going on with you today?

11 thoughts on “Open Thread 4

  1. I’m so happy that you have a real phone now. 😉

    Today, I’m babysitting, holding student conferences, and keeping an eye on our feminist Friday discussion, so I’m in heavy multitasking mode.

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    • Me too.

      Probably going back before the 2-week satisfaction period is up, having Vicki’s number ported to the free phone I just got, and getting a Galaxy 5 on a promotional offer for $100. Because I can already tell the mini isn’t really going to do what I need to do. Text entry on it is just too slow, because of the size of the screen.


      • Fair enough. I sprang for a Blackberry because they were one of the few companies that made a smartphone that was touch screen but also had a full qwerty keyboard, and I just don’t type well on touch screens.


  2. I was underemployed in grad school myself. Partially by choice though, and partially I wasn’t paid what they should have paid me. But now that I have my first professional level job, I’m saving up little by little. Hopefully I can soon get my own place.


  3. I wanted to ask whether Feminist Fridays are still going on. I’ve been away for a while as you know, so I’m afraid I’ve missed quite a lot of what’s been going on.
    I was also wondering whether you’ve heard of this new thing on Tumblr and Facebook about Women Against Feminism and a feminist humorous backlash called Confused Cats against Feminism. I’ve written a post about it recently (nothing in depth as such, just needed to lift my spirits after reading the WAF stuff); here it is in case you’re curious:
    Less than 24 hours after posting this I’ve acquired a troll. I haven’t let the message through, as it used foul language as well as being abusive, but am thinking about writing a post addressing some of the accusations. Do you think that would be a good idea? Would really appreciate your advice on this.
    Thank you and wishing you a great week.


    • Hey Vic!

      At one time, I’d have said write a post about it, but these days I think ignoring it is the better policy, especially if you haven’t let it through yet.

      I did hear about the Women Against Feminism thing, and discussed it a bit here and there. Thanks for the Confused Cats link. I’ll definitely take a look at that one and share it if I think it looks good.

      Will also give your post a read. Just catching up on all those likes and comments you left me now 🙂 Glad you found the latest Feminist Friday post. That project is very much alive and well. It will be hosted at The Lobster Dance this week. The first announcement is going first thing in the morning. Here’s The Lobster Dance, if you don’t know it.


      • Thank you for your advice, Gene’O.
        What I think I might do is right a general commentary about being trolled on WordPress instead. Will think about the best way to do this, and may address some of the accusations in that post.
        As for letting the comment through: I’m afraid that the language used was abusive and included some graphic terms too so after due consideration I decided not to let it through. I am happy to allow comments that disagree with the views I state, but I expect them to be expressed in at least the appearance of respectful language.
        Look forward to Lobster Dance’s post. Will certainly be on the lookout for it.
        Thank you.

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