Open Thread 4

As always, feel free to ask me questions, comment on our blogging here, or share things about your week. Anything is fair game, as long as it’s not mean.

I picked up a real phone today. A smart one. I’ve been using a prepaid analog phone for the last 5 years because I was underemployed for most of 2011-13 and rarely use a voice phone unless I am in the office. I have a good job now. I put this off as long as I could, trying to get caught up (it takes a while to recover from a long period of underemployment), but I decided it was time to have unlimited text and be able to browse the Internet whenever I feel like it.

What’ s going on with you today?

Weekend Music: A Prophecy

No one is better at this than Randy Newman. I’ll keep my own feelings about it to myself and encourage you to enjoy the song. Some notes about changes to the posting schedule, etc.  below.

First, a couple of quick announcements:

  • My very first guest post is running at Jessica Leeman’s blog Social Media on Monday. I discovered Jessica’s blog recently, and she writes about a lot of social media topics that interest me, for example, Is Social Media Shaping Our Lives? If you’ve enjoyed my Sunday Blogging posts this summer, I think you’ll love Social Media.
  • The Feminist Friday post is up at Part Time Monster. The topic: #TwitterPurge, Women, and Internet Culture.

Now for the Schedule Updates.

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