Victory’s Contagious – Lorde

You’ve probably heard of her. Award winning new artist. Young. New Zealander. Lorde.

I found her through Pandora, when it started working Royals into my playlists. But I’ll get back to Royals. It’s what I’ve encountered in the rest of her music that makes me want to talk about her.

She’s swept music by storm, and I have a few thoughts about why. If I were to sum it up at first here, it’s because the music is so smart. No, there’s a better word. It’s wise. Wise beyond her years. She’s 17. And at the age, she has the potential to become to voice of a generation – or to become the next fallen icon. But let’s take some time getting there!

Maybe the Internet Raised Us…

In preparing for this post, and listening to Lorde’s Pure Heroin a whole bunch of times, I’ve been trying to think of a term to describe her. And maybe the term is conscious innocence. As in, she knows she’s young. Knows that things are going to get more “real” (whatever that really means…) in the future, but that for now, the simple life is hers. 

She sings a lot about bruises, dreams, and clean, white teeth. Simpler sorts of observations, about life, about people. She’s drinking orange juice. It’s childhood and adolescence. But it’s like she’s got the age and wisdom to be reflecting back on it and reminiscing, while also being right in the thick of it.

There’s also the talk of fame. There’s plenty of times where she calls out the rich, the powerful, the famous. She speaks truth to power. The ridiculousness of modern stars. Their excesses. 

However, she juxtaposes this with talk of her own rising fame and stardom. She talks about her impending first plane ride, about how she still likes hotels – something she recognizes may well change as she starts to travel and perform. 

Here’s some of her lyrics, to show what I mean:

Lorde Lyrics

Her songs describe the cusp of stardom, the end of adolescence and innocence, and do so in a way that expresses such self-understanding that it’s easy to see why she has captured the imagination.

All Work and No Play…

However, is that all it is? I wonder. Do people just love her because she’s saying things that not only sound true, but feel true?

Or, when she’s calling out the powerful and the famous, are some of these people waiting for the hypocrisy?

We see so many young stars who end up falling into the worst habits of stardom: the drugs and alcohol, the stupid stunts to prove they’re someone else other than the young star we once knew and loved. Think in recent years of Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. Okay, maybe not loved with these stars, at least not for me… but you get the point. They fall apart.

Are we watching Lorde because we’re waiting for her to fall? Or at least, are some people? Is the media, maybe, especially?

And after singing so much about it, wouldn’t Lorde’s fall just be that much the worse? But the thing is, it seems like she sees it. She sees the risk, the danger. It’s there in the lyrics. Will she change? Will she give in to it?

I don’t have the answers. Listening to the music, I don’t think Lorde knows. I guess it’s wait and see.

We’re Bigger Than We Ever Dreamed…

So we’re back to Royals, I think. This song encapsulates all that I’ve said, the simplicity of the life that Lorde is coming from, and the life of luxury of the stars whose ranks she’s joining. It encapsulates everything she’s saying, and thus was a perfect first single.

It has all the features of a one-hit-wonder, as well. Catchy tune, memorable chorus – the sort that you work on trying to memorize and figure out, so you can sing along. And different in sound from other songs on the album.

If this is all you’ve heard of Lorde, you’re missing out. There’s more. And it’s good. I really hope this is an artist we’ll be listening to for many, many years to come – that she holds to her ideals, that she keeps being wise beyond her years. 

I definitely recommend checking out her award-winning album, Pure Heroin! But what do you think about Lorde? Let me know in the comments below!

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29 thoughts on “Victory’s Contagious – Lorde

  1. Whenever I want to put something on Spotify, I always think of Lorde. She sticks in my brain. The girl is very talented – but so young, or am I old? – and fascinating to watch perform. I turn up “Team” every time it comes on the radio! 🙂

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    • She’s just that young. Too young to be this good, right? Which is also so much of why she is so interesting and compelling!

      Team is amazing as well – definitely a strong part of what I am talking about, with her talking to fame and power – “we sure know how to run things.” Don’t count the small places or the small players out – they may have it figured out!

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  2. She has become such a Kiwi heroine; a double-edged sword as we seem to be a nation that can’t seem to wait to scythe down anyone who is exceptional. I so hope she survives her new life, but if anyone can, it’s Lorde. A few weeks ago I heard, on a friend’s iphone, a recording Lorde had made with my friend’s kids in their basement when they were all about 14 or so and in their first band together. Small world!

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  3. Lorde is one of those amazing singers that my daughters, their babysitters, and myself all enjoy. How many artists can claim that? I find her lyrics resonate. They are just deep enough…and her sound makes them seem even deeper. Between her music and her personal stance toward image – don’t photoshop me, don’t airbrush me, I am who I am – I think she has a good chance at surviving the curses of stardom. Of course, she’s got many years ahead of her to grow bored and conceited…so perhaps my optimism is a little early.

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      • I don’t particularly like the sound, but mostly she just comes off as pretentious to me. (Her fandom certainly plays into that — the teenage fans who sing “we’ll never be royals” like they’re daring you to say they aren’t already royal.) I think it started off as a “not my thing” thing though, which isn’t her fault.

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        • There’s definitely an element of pretentious, but no moreso than every rap singer who’s ever sung a song about how they have better rhymes than everyone else (which I believe is all of them)…

          I haven’t really run into her fandom myself, but I could see that being true. The good and bad of being one of the voices of a generation…

          However, just not being your thing is good enough for me and my complete lack of music training!


          • Haha, you’re right about the rap singers. And really quite a bit of the pop and rock and everything else… I think you’ve gotta have a smidgen of pretention to be in show business.

            I tend to just not like those kinds of “sort of singy talking to music” songs, so I think I started out just not liking it and developed to active dislike over time. That’s usually how it goes with me and other fandoms. 🙂

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            • I have trouble understanding lyrics a lot of the time, so artists I can actually understand make me happy… but yeah, there’s a fine line before they are just kind of talking and there’s music.

              I think me comparing her to rap is something I’ve done before… maybe more like hip-hop, but that same characteristic of talking and some of the smack talk all remind me those genres as well.

              But yes, pretention for all show business! Though… will that analysis hold up for my next music post? I guess it’s time to wait and see… 😉


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  6. Reblogged this on DBCII and commented:

    One of the better music posts I’ve written, because I really had some questions to delve in on – more than just recommending an artist. I would definitely still be interested in thoughts, so feel free to weigh in!


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