We’re open to ideas for the Feminist Friday discussion

Most of you know by now we host a Feminist Friday discussion almost every week someplace in the blogosphere. Diana and I are planning for this week. Before we decide to host it at Part Time Monster, I just want to poll the regular participants and supporters. I know several of you have ideas for posts and some of you are open to hosting. Would you like to write the post or host this week?

If so, I need to know by 7 p.m. EDT (U.S., New York time) tomorrow, so we can either make plans to announce the venue and get the word out or brainstorm a Friday post at the Monster.

10 thoughts on “We’re open to ideas for the Feminist Friday discussion

    • K thanks! Any week is good. We’re not quite ready to just take it this week. Wanted to give other folks a chance because we know at least 3 people who are in some stage of writing them.


        • lol. I know how that goes. I haven’t even answered my award nomination thread today because I’ve been offline all day. Glad my scheduled posts went off – I wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t.

          So, going to post a similar query elsewhere, but we’re on the same page, so don’t feel compelled to respond to that one.

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  1. I can probably hammer out an intro to gendered marketing (have video to share on that) by Thursday night PT if you’d like! I can host, too and schedule it early for the easy coasters. Something to get the discussion rolling and then we (everyone) can contribute on smaller topics within that genre like you did with education. My email is odorunara at gmail if you’d like to discuss!


    • I’ll gmail you for sure. Diana’s got it this week. We had to make the decision last night. I know that seems a little early, but we have to think about promotion time and such. That said, I am VERY interested in you posting & hosting soon. Have been hoping you might offer for a while now, in fact 🙂

      I’ll send you a message later.


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